▷La Casa de Magaly 2023: when it starts, members of the new reality show

“La casa de Magaly” premieres this Tuesday, August 15, at 9:45 PM and you can see all the details of the Peruvian reality show here.

“La casa de Magaly” will start this Tuesday, August 15, and you can find more details about the reality show that will air on ATV here. | Composition: Libero

Magali’s House 2023 Live Today: A few days ago, Magali Madina gave a preview of her self-created reality show. The show will count with the participation of various personalities of ‘Sollywood’ Gabriela Serba, Fiorella redis, Alfredo Benavides, Andres Hurtado, among others. Find out everything you need to know about its anticipated premiere in this note.

Premiere of “La casa de Magaly 2023” today: follow the reality of Magaly TV La Firme

Preview of “La casa de Magaly”: First Controversy Formed

Magali Medina shares a preview of what’s to come on the Peruvian reality show, in which you can see Fiorella Reddys speaks for the first time about the controversial Arrow with Aldo Miyashiro.

“Magaly TV La firme” live today: how to watch the show?

You can connect from 9:45 p.m Via ATV open signal. Likewise, Magali Madina show can be watched online for free on Facebook and YouTube.

When will “La Casa de Magaly” start 2023?

Magali Madina’s reality show Commences Tuesday, August 15, 2023 From 9:45 pm through the program “Magaly TV La Firme” on ATV and official sites.

“Magali’s House” is coming back to the big screen

After 12 years, the Peruvian reality show “La Casa de Magali” returns with the participation of 11 showbiz artists who live together 24 hours a day.

Where can you see “Magali’s House” today?

You can enjoy this reality competition through the program “Magali TV Law Firm” is broadcast by ATV Live Signal on Open Signal throughout Peru.. Also, watch online for free on Facebook and YouTube.

Welcome to the coverage of “La casa de Magaly”.

The big day has arrived! This Tuesday, August 15, the reality show “La casa de Magaly” will premiere ATV LIVE will be on open signal throughout Peru and you can review all the details in this special edition of Libero.

When will “La Casa de Magali” premiere?

According to the progress made by the program “Maghali TV La Firme”, “La casa de Magaly” premieres this Tuesday, August 15.

“Magali’s House 2023”: Participants

  • Carlos Cacho
  • Patricio Suarez
  • This Uchulu
  • Samahara Lobedan
  • Vanessa Lopez
  • Fiorella redis
  • Gabriela Serba
  • Renzo Spraggan
  • Alfredo Benavides
  • Andres Hurtado
  • Shirley Serres

“Magali’s house”: where to see?

ATV Live Will publish “Magali’s House” On open signal to all Peru. Not only that, you can also watch the reality show online for free on Facebook and YouTube.

What time does “La casa de Magaly” air?

He Realty D Magali Madina From 9.45 pm onwards, it will run at regular time “Maghali TV Company”. Once this interval is over, you can continue YouTube and Facebook streaming.

Magali’s House will revive controversial episodes of Peruvian show business. Photo: Magali TV

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