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Tropical Storm Beryl is on a direct track towards the coast TexasIt is expected to make landfall as a cyclone today, Monday morning, July 8. (NHC).

After weakening to a tropical storm After making landfall in the Mexican Caribbean as a Category 2 hurricane, Beryl has regained strength in the last few hours. It is moving at 19 kilometers per hour, with maximum sustained winds of 95 kilometers per hour, and is expected to continue intensifying as it nears Texas.

Local authorities have issued hurricane warnings for the southern and northern coasts TexasFrom the bay Baffin to the mouth of Rio Grande. Residents of these areas are advised to take precautions and follow the instructions of local authorities.

Beryl, The first hurricane of the 2024 Atlantic season, could bring heavy rain, storm surge, flooding and hurricane-force winds to coastal areas of Texas. Experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict that up to 25 named storms will form, 7 of which could become major hurricanes.

This is the type of Hurricane Beryl on Monday July 8

The Tormenta tropical beryl It moves to the northwest of the Gulf of Mexico. The cyclonic circulation will bring occasional heavy rain and strong winds to Tamaulipas. For this reason, the forecast continues for Beryl to become a hurricane again before making landfall in Texas, USA.

Likewise, Hurricane Beryl will no longer make landfall in Mexico a second time as planned. After first making landfall in Quintana Roo state as a Category 2 hurricaneEstimated this Saturday National Meteorological Service (SMN).

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Current status of Hurricane Beryl this Monday, July 8

Tropical Storm Beryl, a remnant of the hurricane of the same name, is dumped “powerful” Although rain in the US bordering state of Tamaulipas is not expected to touch Mexico National Meteorological Service (SMN).

“Tropical Storm Beryl moves into northwestern Gulf of Mexico. The cyclonic circulation will bring occasional heavy rain and strong winds to Tamaulipas. The forecast continues for Beryl to become a hurricane again before making landfall in Texas (USA).SMN pointed out.

At the time of this report, the storm was located 260 kilometers to the east Barra El Mesquital and 265 kilometers to the east-southeast Matamoros, two municipalities of Tamaulipas. It will rain while passing through it “Strong Time Constraints” In Tamaulipas, the addition of rain in Nuevo Leon.

When will Hurricane Beryl hit the US?

Hurricane Beryl, which reached a maximum category 5 in the Caribbean, made landfall early Friday in Tulum on Mexico’s west coast and is heading toward Texas, the United States, where its center could hit as early as Monday. Back in the hurricane force, according to the US NHC.

Now a Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, the system is moving over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula “dangerous” Hurricane winds, storm surges and damaging waves. Winds of 50 to 70 km/h, 1 to 3 meter high waves and water levels are expected along the coast of Tamaulipas.

Beryl will remain a tropical storm for most of its path through the western Gulf of Mexico this weekend, intensifying into a Category 1 hurricane as it nears land. It is expected to make landfall along the northeast coast of Mexico or south Texas this Sunday night or Monday morning. But there is still uncertainty that Beryl will land on the right land before several days.

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Where to see Hurricane Beryl’s path from the US?

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