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5 Unlikeliest of Places in Nairobi to Get the Best Burgers

April 18, 2019


5 Unlikeliest of Places in Nairobi to Get the Best Burgers

Sometimes the craving will strike; for a juicy, fleshy, big (or sometimes medium) burger that will satiate your taste buds – at a place that’s well away from the conundrum of the cityscape, or the accustomed setting of your usual dedicated burger or fast food joint. If you want to discover and sample a sumptuous burger while enjoying a distinct ambience, then I’d highly recommend the following establishments dotted at convenient places within Kenya’s capital:

The Tav – at the Mirage, Waiyaki Way

I went to The Tav Irish Pub on a chilly Monday evening a few weeks after it had opened its doors. I was hungry for burgers and a previous Manager had recommended the loaded burger which they have on offer. I was not disappointed. I always say that plates have become too mainstream for a number of serious restaurants, and here was no different – the fries were served in what looks like a mini deep frier and the burger was topped off with pickles and some vegetables including coleslaw uniquely bracketing the contents of my ‘plate’. I have to say they have one of the best burgers I have tasted in the city.

Attibasi Coffee – at Britam Tower, off Hospital Road, Upper Hill

This was a surprise entrant into the list, purely because I went to the restaurant by accident, enroute to a neighbouring, more famous eatery. For all of its Italian heritage, Attibasi is quite Western hemisphere in presentation. There are few burger options, just under 5 options of beef and chicken variants, but the artistic placement on your dish will leave a smile on your face.

Friendly staff who go the extra mile are always welcoming and willing to accommodate your personal wishes in order to make your experience there comfortable and convenient. Have I mentioned how I love their top 40 musical selection which plays in the background?

News Cafe – at Sarit Center, Ring Road Parklands, Westlands

Each visit I make to News Cafe – Sarit Center is a joy, because of the tasteful design and the efficient service offered. Unlike the other restaurants in this list, News Cafe is more or less known for its burgers, though one would not expect the quality and breadth of its offering – there are close to 10 different options and each are delectable. While the service may at times be wanting, it’s a great place to enjoy your delicious burger either in silence, tucked in at one of its many corners, or with friends, in the spacious establishment that has a generous interior and a picturesque outdoor that overlooks a good portion of the Westlands skyline.

Food Train by Sushi Soo – at Kenrail Towers, Ring Road Parklands, Westlands

The most impressive thing about Food Train is the fact that the establishment wears many hats – aside from an American menu category, there’s a flourishing and rich choice of Japanese, Korean, Continental and International dishes. The service is speedy and efficient and waiters have a vast knowledge of which dishes the chef prepares the best, based on your preferences. The burger, of which there’s about 3 choices, may not be out of this world, but its precision and presentation, in light of the breadth to choose from, is worthy.

While you wait for your food, there’s plenty to look at around, though I recommend the alfresco seating, as you’ll really get to take in the interior decor and the artificial carpet of grass.

The Heron Portico – on Jakaya Kikwete Road

With a brilliant Arabesque indoor and outdoor ambience, either of Heron Portico‘s flagship restaurants, Mdalasini and Bashasha, are a great choice to sit in and sample the chef’s burgers. There are about 4 to 5 different burger options though I always select the specials. While the service particularly at Bashasha can be wanting and quite honestly often disappointing, the roughly 30 to 50 minutes wait I’ve experienced, even with virtually few other patrons, is worth the product, as one bite of the burger convinces you that it was worth your money.

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