NEW MUSIC: Octopizzo – Zikishika

April 24, 2019


NEW MUSIC: Octopizzo – Zikishika

Rapper Octopizzo is the gift that just keeps on giving, as he releases his second single and music video of 2019, ‘Zikishika’.

Sampling the 1987 Franco Pepe Kalle and Le TPOK Jazz band classic remix ‘Mamou II‘, Zikishika satisfactorily executes a rhumba and rap concoction that’s as intoxicating to the ears, as it is quenching to the eyes – a true visual and audio masterpiece.

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Never mind the fact that the thrift shop which Namba Nane and the models in this single visited is a must raid; what I’m wondering is how does Octopizzo sound so good every time? ‘Zako sawa, zangu mbaya… Mi kushoto mi the right man… Zikishika wika WAGWAN!’ are some of the lyrics characterizing the thumping bass-line of the track, a marvel bracketed by trumpets and complementary instrumentals.

There’s something fascinating about seeing a generation that was not yet conceived by the time the music which they are gyrating and dancing to, was produced. All through ‘Zikishika’, you can see young Africans frolicking in the background, minding their own business and doing their thing, to the sounds of the song. While they may not look as flustered, the older generation of actors here are smiling cheek to cheek and really getting down.

Gradually though, the beat catches on, and we can now follow Octopizzo’s advice of what to do zikishika

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