NEW MUSIC: Poppa Don – Kon Gi Koni

June 12, 2019


NEW MUSIC: Poppa Don – Kon Gi Koni

Defined as ‘Kenyan pop redefined’, a.k.a KantaPop, singer Poppa Don (real name Don Dulo), has unleashed ‘Kon Gi Koni’, a Luo phrase loosely translated to hapa kule, or ‘here and there’.

Easily his biggest release this year, following a bit of a hiatus, Poppa Don is not here to play. For an artist who has long prided himself as being an afro-lyricist and a hip hop maestro, it’s intersting to witness this exhilirating track, which is a wicked fix of reggae, pop and crunky feel-good vibes, accentuated by his distinct husky barritone.

The Hound Fortune production quality is world-class, with a steady rhythmn and bassline that really serves up the sauce. Enjoy the new release by watching the video above.

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