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Elvis Nyaruri; Kenya’s Country Music sensation

April 8, 2020

Elvis Nyaruri; Kenya’s Country Music sensation

Elvis Nyaruri has become a household name in the country since he debuted as a country singer. The 25-year-old draws his inspiration from global legend Elvis Presley. ‘He inspired me to sing. We have the same tone and people often misinterpret [my performances] for impersonation’ he says. Nate’s Crest contributor Charles Gachango got a chance to talk to him and this is what he had to say:

Country Music is mostly assumed to be ‘an old people thing’. Why did you decide to settle on this genre as your style?

That’s a cliche perception people have, because they hardly know much about what this kind of music has to offer – what’s on the music menu. Talk about Taylor Swift, Scotty McReery, Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown – These are all contemporary country singers who are not old.

Country music is a lifestyle. It is more than ‘singing about whiskey and cold beers’ and more about giving information. I have a right voice to tell exciting stories about us in a ‘country’ way.

Elvis Nyaruri at with MC Jessy at Churchill show. Photos | Courtesy

You were dismissed at East Africa Got Talent. How did it feel? Did it make any impact on your career?

I am not comfortable talking about falls. At least for now.

What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

I have performed in many places across the country: at fashion events and wedding ceremonies. I have also created a genuine fan base that is ready to consume my work.

How is the ‘Stay at Home’ directive by the Government affecting you as a Performer?

Its quite an unfortunate time to many people, including performers like me. I had upcoming gigs along Kiambu road, in Mombasa and even one in Texas in the United States, all of which I’ve since had to put on hold. I was also to perform at Churchill Live South C’s edition which was also put on hold.

Country music is loved by high profile personalities. Is there anyone who has ever invited you for a private show? If none, who would you like to perform for?

Mr. Churchill is one person who genuinely spotted my talent and invited me to his show. I also got an invitation from Madtraxx to play in their hotel. Other celebrities include Jeff Koinange, Jan Verwiel, Ali Hussen, The Late Bob Collymore, Big Ted and Universal Music Records Managing Director John Andrews.

Of course I would like to play for the President – That’s a jet-fuel to wider heights.

Who is the most significant person in your Career?

Elvis Presley is! He inspired me to Sing. We have the same tone. In fact most people misinterpret it for impersonation.

What Lesson(s) have you learnt in the industry that you would like to share with Upcoming Stars?

The industry is tough. Nobody will help You. You will help Yourself. Practice as much as You can, pray as much and get out there. Luck is when opportunity finds You ready.

Where can People find you or your music?

I am social media. @elvisnyaruri is my name on all platforms. My Music is on YouTube using the same name.

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