Exclusive First Looks at PlayStation 5 Game Play

Gaming May 19, 2020


Exclusive First Looks at PlayStation 5 Game Play

Official game-play footage of the first games on PlayStation‘s next generation new console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) have been unleashed, and what realistic, yet mind-bending experiences these are to watch.

In October 2019, Sony announced that the next generation console was coming, with further technical and hardware component updates made from April this year, which included an ultra-high-speed SSD, integrated custom I/O system, custom AMD GPU with ray tracing, and highly immersive 3D audio. It was since revealed that the PS5 would make it to stores around the holiday season of 2020, which would likely mean a release date of first or second quarter of 2021 in Kenya and other African regions.

Unreal Engine launched online an in-depth demo look at “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” – a real-time demonstration running live on PlayStation 5, which showcases the new core technologies that it will debut on the platform: these are Nanite virtualized micropolygon geometry to further expand detailing, and Lumen, a fully dynamic global illumination solution that immediately reacts to scene and light changes.

“These updates may not be a huge surprise, but we wanted to confirm them for our PlayStation fans, as we start to reveal additional details about our vision for the next generation,” said Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO earlier this year. “One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games, and we had the opportunity with our new controller to re-imagine how the sense of touch can add to that immersion.”

Ryan explored the adoption of haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in PlayStation controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. The sensation includes a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.

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PlayStation has so far announced and unveiled at least three game play visuals:

Godfall: a third-person fantasy looter-slasher, looking much like the film ‘Gods of Egypt’, focused on melee combat.

Scarlet Nexus: a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities, exploring a far distant future, where humanity’s last hope falls into the hands of an elite group of psionic soldiers, who battle an invincible threat known as, Others.

DIRT 5: writing a new chapter in the legacy of DiRT. Travel the globe, tame the most incredible off-road machines with your friends, and be part of a vibe that delivers big on epic action, pure expression, and unbridled style.

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