NEW MUSIC: Sauti Sol’s ‘Insecure’ Talks Body and Relationship Issues

Entertainment May 22, 2020


NEW MUSIC: Sauti Sol’s ‘Insecure’ Talks Body and Relationship Issues

Over the past few years, Kenyan afro-pop group Sauti Sol have mastered the art of visual and vocal harmony, often misjudged for the manner in which they address their subject matter, largely perceived as some form of social structure discordance, but largely applauded for their artistry and ingenuity. Their new song ‘Insecure’ seems to follow that charted path.

With barely 2 weeks to go to the launch of their fifth studio album ‘Midnight Train‘, and with only 3 hours and nearly 100,000 YouTube views, ‘Insecure’ is sure to shatter even more records, and cause more social media commotion over the coming days. It was already a top trending topic on Twitter, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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The single, off their upcoming album, highlights the insecurity couples face in a relationship; from body and appearance insecurities – not wanting the lights on, not leaving the house without make-up on or avoiding nakedness even when in a swimming costume – to communication insecurities, going through your partner’s phone or social media.

‘Insecure’ explores the escapism that is alcohol abuse to deal with such issues and insecurities, represented by screams and dark creatures in an elliptical dance. ‘Juu nikiwa maji Mi ni chizi, Mi ni stalker. Nakuhallaa’, Bien sings.

Chimano bellows at the end, ‘Before we crash and burn, I hope we see the light’.

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