Equity and Quickmart Partner for Contactless Transaction at New Kisumu Outlet

Kenyan supermarket chain Quickmart’s latest branch in the lakeside city of Kisumu, along Oginga Odinga Lane has opened its doors to customers with a number of offers and technological innovations.

While select lucky shoppers will receive gift vouchers from the supermarket for use at the outlet, Equity cardholders will be able to use a ‘Tap and Go’ feature at the Quickmart supermarket tills. This will enable cardholders to make payments by simply tapping their card on an enabled Point of Sale (POS) machine.

Equity Bank being the exclusive acquirer for the supermarket, has enabled all tills with this capability, to encourage contactless and cashless transactions from as low as Ksh 100 at no extra charge at the retail outlet.

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An SMS confirmation is also sent to customers every time they make a payment so as to ensure that they track their expenditure.

Additionally, in support of the efforts towards mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, making a contactless transaction allows cardholders to handle their own cards during the card payment process (tapping) and reducing the need to touch a POS.

Therefore, the next time you go shopping just ‘Tap and Go’. The capability is enhancing customers experience when making payments and it is also safer.

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