‘Hustle Sasa’ and Sauti Sol Launch Creatives Hub App

Tech & Auto November 11, 2021

‘Hustle Sasa’ and Sauti Sol Launch Creatives Hub App

Newly launched mobile-first platform Hustle Sasa a hub for creatives to sell directly to their audiences, was unveiled November 10th, while also announcing the prolific Kenyan band, Sauti Sol as co-founders.

Its creators have said that the Hustle Sasa app is designed for the creative economy in Kenya, enabling creators to sell directly to their audiences and get paid instantly. The company has laid out ambitious plans to empower over 100,000 creatives across Africa by the year 2025.

Hustle Sasa is a central hub for creatives to manage the entirety of their business, from the ability to create storefronts, adding physical and digital products, recording orders, and accepting payments. Creatives can share their unique store link with their audiences across social media channels and messaging platforms and start earning from their fans immediately.

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In addition to Sauti Sol, Hustle says that it is currently powering commerce platforms for key artists in the music industry. These include: H_art The Band, Harry Kimani, Yaba, and Sylvia Ssaru, as well as digital artists like Kidd Volt and Njero Hanzo. Other creatives include in the culinary field, chefs Ma Phoebe’s and Bagel Studios, as well as fashion designers like Vinzarts.

Hustle Sasa is calling on creators who are looking to distribute and monetize their content to download the Hustle Sasa app on iOS or Android app stores and give it a try.

The creative economy in Kenya is a key contributor to economic growth and employment, with a 2016 DfID report stating that between 2007 to 2009, the sector accounted for more than 5.3% of Kenya’s GDP. This sector includes music, books, performing arts, film, fashion and software industries among others.

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