2023 Teacher Recruitment Final Results: Minnedu spoke on the issue | Teacher Evaluation 2023

Ministry of Education (Minedu) Notified about the official results of teacher appointment. did you do Find out what the company had to say here.

In this note you can know all the details about Teacher Recruitment 2023. | Libero composition.

Hundreds of teachers and public sector assistants are waiting to know the official results of teacher recruitment 2023. Because of this, the Ministry of Education (MINEDU) has released an official notification, which has become highly questionable.

Sudep requested that the 2023 teacher appointment would be effective

He Single Union of Education Workers of Peru (Sudep) He appealed to the authorities through his social media to carry out the process effectively, transparently and without malpractice.

A statement posted by Sudep on his social media. (Photo: Sudep).

They also assured that experts in their field do not seek to challenge these evaluations for appointment to teaching posts. Let us remember that this evaluation process seeks to improve the quality of education in the country.

Minnedu assured that the 2023 teacher appointment will be transparent

On public complaint SudepOfficial channels Ministry of Education (Minedu) They issued a statement on the matter and the company has guaranteed transparency in all its processes.

They also promised to be ready for respectful and democratic negotiations. “The vacant seats offered for this public tender are announced on the dates given in the table and total 98,968 across the country (3,689 seats with reservation status, excluding 8,619 seats that do not comply with the minimum hours in the curriculum. area and 1,500 surplus; all reported by UGEL)”Refers to point 2 of the statement.

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Minutes Report on 2023 Teacher Appointment. (Photo: Minedu) Join Libero WhatsApp Channel

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