5 Fast Tracks that the Municipality of Lima plans to offer in 2026: projects running through La Molina, Surco, San Miguel, Chorillos, etc. | lime


These are the Pista Nueva, Huylas, Proceres-Vissi, Javier Prado-La Marina and Nicolás Aylon expressways. However, it should be noted that these programs As they are still in their early stages, they do not have recognized technology profiles. In conversation with TradeRosa Castañeda, Project Manager Metropolitan Investment Fund (INVERMED) -the agency in charge of developing these road infrastructures-, these proposals create a list of eight priority tasks within the framework of the project. Pan American Games 2027, which will once again be held in the Peruvian capital. These eight propositions complete the five paths.

New Track Fast Track
Invermet modeling shows what the mega-project, which will be built between the districts of San Juan de Miraflores and Villa María del Triunfo, will look like.

Likewise, the interviewee clarified that the company was still developing technical profiles for four of the five proposals. Only one person has an updated profile. It is a work to improve and widen the Juan Pablo II Avenue, which is provided by the Municipality of Lima New Track Fast Track. According to the company, this will reduce travel time from 90 minutes to 20 minutes and will benefit more than seven lakh residents of Lima Sur.

It is a project with more than five and a half kilometers of road and four bridges. A Resource Management Agreement (CAR) is cited. If we can subscribe to it [el CAR] In August, the works could start in 2025 and be completed in 2026“, said Castaneda. It should be noted that the project records documentation and financial progress since 2020 National Multi-Year Programming and Investment Management System of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).. The planned investment for Pista Nueva Fast Track is 310.6 million soles.

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No other projects covering this set appear in the MEF system. “We are still preparing profiles [de los demás proyectos]”, stressed the Invermed manager. In turn, he said the five projects (defined as eight different works) are worth approximately 2.3 billion soles and all are expected to be completed by 2026.To get CAR we have to go through MEF. We expect [obtener el Certificado de la obra Pista Nueva] By September at the latest, to select a contractor. In other cases, we hope to receive them by October“, said an Invermed representative.

Huaylas Fast Track
Almost entirely, the road will run along the current Defensors del Morro Avenue.

It should be noted that before an entity – in this case the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima – signs a contract to develop such a project, a series of requirements must be met. These are established by Act 30356. First, there must be a favorable report from the company’s budget, administration and legal counsel offices. Then, the approval of the MEF should be obtained.As to the necessity and validity of the contract”, where the Pista Nueva Fast Track is located. Finally, the international companies you contact will need to prove your experience and record in the country.


The publication of this collection of works was published in the official gazette on June 13 this year. A Peruvian Among other things, the emergency order authorizing the MML in fiscal year 2024 “To sign resource management agreements with duly accredited international organizations in Peru […] To implement investment plans in road infrastructure and urban mobility for the hosting of the XX Pan American Games 2027The regulations set the maximum period for signing the above agreements till December 31, 2024.

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Although Pista Nueva is the only project with an updated profile, it is important to highlight that others have already been designed by Invermet. Trade For example, he was able to learn that another large-scale job was to build an expressway along the current Defensores del Morro Avenue. Along this avenue, the construction of a 4.5-kilometer modular bridge is proposed, starting at the intersection of the avenue with Giron Emilio Sandoval and ending at the height of Alameda Don Virgilio Street. According to MML, the journey time will also be reduced from 80 minutes to 20 minutes.

For its part, in the district of San Juan de Luricancho, the Proceres – Vizzi expressway will travel eleven kilometers and will invest almost 250 million feet. Nine modular bridges will be installed for a total distance of 5.5 km. Travel time will be reduced from an hour and a half to thirty minutes. In parallel, the Santa Anita and Attle project will be implemented with minimal investment and will be the smallest road infrastructure of the group, implementing four modular bridges with a total distance of 1.5 kilometers on a route spanning eleven kilometers. The Metropolitan Municipality plans to fund this with a hundred million Adarsh.

Finally, the Javier Prado – La Marina Expressway is the project with the largest expenditure. The nearly 17-kilometer route crosses more than eight counties from Elmer Fawcett Avenue in San Miguel to the La Molina district. To achieve this, infrastructure intervention is proposed for 4.5 km by constructing six modular mega bridges and two ovals. In this case, Invermet expects an investment amount of 500 million soles. This mega project will reduce travel time to 40 minutes instead of two hours.

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Invermet General Manager explained Trade The selected structure type, known as flyovers, will improve the implementation time and minimize the impact on the neighbors. These are road structures built over a road. Sometimes, like the Huaylas, these tracks run the entire track like a second floor. On other routes, flyovers are constructed as modular bridges at certain stages to avoid intersections and traffic lights. “It is a ready-made system, quick to install and with the required quality“, Castaneda defined. Furthermore, he stressed that there will be no expropriation of land and no road closures during construction.

Trade To delve deeper into the implementation of these plans, MML sought to contact Renzo Reggiardo, the vice mayor. However, till press time, there was no response.


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