A book fair with lots of science

A book fair with lots of science

May 26 to June 11, Park El Retiro Park They will carry on the tradition Book fair Madrid, on this occasion, is given to the guest country, and probably all countries are invited and represented. But, yes, There will be one main subject: science, which will reveal and lead a long series of initiatives, meetings and activities. Maybe that’s why The motto “We are Science and Letters” was chosen, Something in line with a time when technology, artificial intelligence, recent scientific revolutions and climate change, with the challenges it brings, will set the pace of the times and, of course, guide the agenda of nations in the years to come.

Perhaps because of all this, an agreement has been reached with the CSIC (CSIC) and the Union of Spanish University Presses (UNE) regarding the creation of the Plaza de la Ciencia and the universities. It will be located in the center of the route and besides the UNE booth, will feature those labels that specialize in scientific publications. But this is not the only “square”. There will also be two: one dedicated to Publishers Guilds and Associations and the other considered an “international zone”.

According to the director, Eva Ore, quoting Miguel de Unamuno and his famous phrase “progress lies in renewal”, this time “the big changes have to do with the redesign of some areas, because we want to have a place for books. By installing awnings that provide shade and relief, visitors and exhibitors Willingness to enhance the experience.” The aforementioned awnings will be among the innovations of this call, something, no doubt, right, just because of the weather experience of other years, it can rain blindly, as well as a fierce sun. The latter, due to the dry season, has a good chance of being the general trend this edition.

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As usual, ed A different redistribution of the existing 385 “stands” will be undertaken The previous version had 361- There will be a total of 424 exhibitors, distributed as follows: 13 distributor booths; 115 bookstores (of which 61 are specialized and 52 are general); 219 represents a total of 414 publishers (some 133 labels share the space). In total, the editorial offering at the book fair will amount to about a thousand stamps, according to data provided by the company.

Further Five spaces dedicated to signatures, An initiative aimed at decongesting the streets along the route, avoiding regular traffic jams and ensuring that the movement of visitors is not hampered by readers waiting in long queues to meet their favorite authors. The booths will be distributed on the sides, but in the center there will be others, although there will be only 24, occupied by guilds and associations of provinces and dedicated to facsimiles. This will avoid the famous “islands” of past versions that caused many complaints in 2021. All those who wish to attend will be online.

One of the most emotional moments of this book fair is the recognition of the life of the cartoonist Francisco Ibanez, who created the comics, among other characters of “Mortadelo y Filemón”. This living painting genius, who has not yet received the Asturias Award despite having received it in the past, will receive the tribute he deserves next May 25. and will receive the Loyalty Award, the second time it has been presented. However, it seems that the acclaimed cartoonist’s return is not guaranteed.

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