A new cultural space opens in Buenos Aires: CASA, from Fundación Medifé

A new cultural space opens in Buenos Aires: CASA de Fundación Medifé (Photo: Télam)

CASA de Fundación Medifé was opened with the aim of building a space with a wide range of activities related to culture, such as music, classes, readings, workshops and meetings, a space open to experimentation, creation and collaborative projects. and collaboration based on a double anchor: “thinking and doing”. Located in Ayacucho, Buenos Aires, in 1945, activities at CASA will be organized along the axes of “read, “talk,” “see,” and “know,” and from these axes the space intends to encompass issues of both the present and the past. From the uses of memory on file to Up to date with current and upcoming developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Created in 2010, Fundación Medifé is a non-profit public good organization that works to design and promote a sustainable and inclusive link between health and culture and its leader. George Biva and its General Manager Daniela Gutierrez. As part of the workshops, “Editing as an Art Practice” will be undertaken Gabriela HallockPre-registration is required on July 5th, 6th and 7th from 3 pm to 6 pm fundacionmedife.com.ar.

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Another aspect of the program is the “Ciclo Punto de Encuentro”, presented by Tangencia Fundación IDA and Fundación Medifé, which will start in August and will offer interdisciplinary conversations about design according to a themed print and materials exhibition. There will be a “Cycle of International Conversations” featuring the French Institute, the French Embassy, ​​the Spanish Embassy, ​​the Goethe Institute, the German Embassy, ​​the Uruguayan Embassy and the Portuguese Embassy.

Daniela Gutiérrez General Manager of CASA (Photo: Télam)

Seminars are responsible for various academics such as Pio Doroja Y Mauricio Corbalan, researchers at M7Red. will also participate James Lach, creator of the writing world; PhD in Social Sciences, Daisy Martinez; and political scientist Tomas Borovinski. The “Living Art” cycle consists of activities related to theater and acting Club Barrasso, Emilio Garcia Wehby, Maricel Alvarez Y Alejandro Dantanian.

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Finally, there will be conferences crossing cinema and psychoanalysis by the editorial team of Fundación Medifé Edita’s Lectura Éxtimas collection. Fundación Medifé has alliances and various cooperation platforms with educational and cultural institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Nation, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the Nation and the Ministry of Culture. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In addition, it develops projects with international cultural representations such as the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid in Spain, the French Embassy, ​​the French Institute and the network of Alianzas Francesas in Argentina, the German Embassy in Argentina and the Goethe Institute. Cultural Center of Spain and Embassy of Spain in Buenos Aires. It works in collaboration with the Embassy of Uruguay and Portugal.

Source: Delam SE

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