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In 15, 20 years we will see a completely different world. [En el 2050] In terms of approximate gravity, the largest economic potential will be China, followed by the United States, India, and a half-dozen secondary countries: Indonesia, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. […] It forces us to change our perspective.“, he noted during the World Chess Forum. A look at the macropolitics and geopolitical strategies of Russia, China and the United States.

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According to the speaker, this situation will represent the new rules of the game so that countries can continue to grow their economies. For example, he suggested that the Sanque dock in Peru would open in November and that this would signal changes in the economic model and relations with China.

[China] It wants to connect Peru to its raw materials and energy ecosystem. Once this play in commodities is tied up, the next step will be a financial tie-up, and that will attract the attention of the most prominent banks in the region.He explained.

Regional strategies

On the other hand, Aragón pointed out that in this new situation Brazil will “move” between major economies using its virtues within various supply chains. This will limit its own ability to remain relevant in the new economy.

Brazil has a clear desire to play this game, and it is more interesting because it loses the desire to be “regional champion”. That is, in a country that has a better understanding of what makes the region different and is capable of allowing it to change the relationship of the great powers in that region.“, he pointed out.

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In that sense, he pointed out that Uruguay is one of the countries that has decided to focus on its own assets to transform international economic relations.

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Uruguay decided to become a “sandbox” country in the region. A country that none of us take into account because of its GDP, in the region’s great engine of innovation. But there are some models emerging that are going to change the region.“, said.

He also stressed that this potential to be a leader at the international level is not limited to countries. For example, Mercado Libre is a regional champion in e-commerce supported by its own business model.

Mercado Libre, born in Argentina, has grown to become the world’s third largest e-commerce company, with a keen understanding of what doesn’t work in the region. He did it by breaking what we understand by business strategy. It is a successful model based not on competitive advantages, but on what is seen from the outside as competitive disadvantages. We were able to develop a regionally appropriate model”, he concluded.

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