Accident in Ayuacucho: EsSalud doctor saw the bus collapse and stopped its journey to help the passengers

After a vehicle accident on Libertadores Road, in the region AyakuchoIt caused 17 people died and left 19 people were injuredAccording to the latest update from the authorities, the heroism of a doctor from Social Health Care has been declared (Assault) of Apurimac.

According to information shared by the company, Dr Jose Luis Altamirano Rojasfrom Line 107 of the Apurímac Network, while traveling to his work center Siva witnessed the collapse of the company busPlate F5D-959, Elevation of Ñiñacha Bridge, Cachi Canal Department.

Seeing the horrible scene, his Service industry It motivated him to rescue and improve injured passengers Test area To determine the severity of injuries. His work was important to many victims of the war against death.

“I was going by bus to my work center in EsSalud Apurímac. He was a few meters away from the inter-provincial vehicle, Appaceta section, when it veered off the road and made several turns, throwing the injured people down the slope. So I immediately went to help them, we saw many corpses, injured people, gave first aid and decided to establish the most sophisticated triage,” he declared to EsSalud magazine.

Dr. Jose Luis Altamirano Rojas, from Line 107 of the Apurimac Network.

Even in a no-people area Above 4,500 meters above sea level (masl)Altamirano Rojas was able to apply Emergency protocols Many injured people have to be stabilized. After reaching his first destination, he began a long walk Look for a phone signal.

“Line 107 of the policyholder care management platform responded to me quickly and I gave them my coordinates and that’s how the whole healthcare system was activated. Doctors Lao and Rojas from EsSalud called SAMU and implemented the organization of the Emergency Operations Center of the Ayacucho Assistance Network of EsSalud and the governing body,” he noted.

It is to be noted that after the inter-provincial bus met with an accident, the occupants were injured. Polycontusions, fractures, craniocerebral trauma and hypothermia.

“In an emergency setting, you have to fight against time. Six standard passengers were loaded into two buses. “For a very serious person with bleeding in the right leg, I applied a tourniquet, wrapped him in blankets to stabilize his temperature, and accompanied him until he was admitted to the hospital,” explained Dr. Altamirano.

This edition was supported by the Executive Chairman of EsSalud, Dr. Maria Elena Aguilar del AguilaHe highlighted the commendable work done by the professionals in different parts of the country and congratulated the medical personnel who provided timely treatment to the injured passengers. Ayacucho crash.

The hero doctor, who treated the injured in an uninhabited area more than 4,500 meters above sea level, was able to call emergency services and ask for help.

Among the dead are Oscar Benjamin Laguachaqui SanchezA 30-year-old surgeon living in Lima had to go to the Regional Health Directorate (Theresa) from Ayacucho to pick up the document after the online process was denied.

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According to the doctor’s father, Walter Lacuachagi, his son completed a year of rural and urban marginal health service (SerumsIn the medical post of the National Police (PNP) in Huanda. During that period, he traveled between Ayacucho and Lima at his own expense. When he returned to Lima after completing his service, his new job required documentation to formalize the contract. They put obstacles in his way to achieve it.

“I’m the father of Dr. Oscar Benjamin Sanchez, he came to take a simple paper from Teresa, it’s sad because they said they have to do it in person, it seems it’s not updated yet. Serum has its Facebook, social networks and can be a virtual process. Here they say what they want, They say what they want, make many promises and when asked, they don’t deliver,” lamented the father of the family. Latin News.

Oscar Benjamin Llacuachaqui Sánchez, 30, is among those killed in the Ayacucho Shiva bus crash | Photo Credit: Infobae Peru

Through social networks Public Ministry After the road accident in the Abaceta sector of Los Libertadores Road, it was announced that the Second Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Huamanga initiated urgent and necessary actions.

In addition to taking statements from witnesses and survivors, the process of identifying the dead has already begun, as well as passenger data, transport company and related documents from the bus, provincial prosecutor Juan Ames Plas said.

Graphic piece prepared by the Public Ministry.

The team responsible for the autopsies consists of five experts, including two forensic doctors and two autopsy managers from the Ayacucho Medicolegal Unit.

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