AFP Withdrawal 2023: What will happen to the proposal to withdraw up to S/24,750 in this new legislature?

Can this new legislature approve withdrawal of pensions? (Photo: Composition Information)

It was long awaited in the current parliamentary term AFP withdrawal, despite the fact that there are up to 10 bills to authorize the release of these funds. with Commencement of New LegislatureWill any of these legislative initiatives be approved?

All these programs help to cope with obesity increase in price High prices of staple foods, fuel, and other basic services have pushed up their costs in the face of the ongoing political and social crisis the country is experiencing. Peru.

Out of the ten initiatives, eight of these initiatives seek to release funds from the Private Pension System (SPP) to meet inflation as the price of the basic household basket becomes higher, while the remaining two are aimed at paying off mortgage loans. Purchase of real estate.

Not all plans have come to fruition Economic CommissionIt was held till June 23 under the leadership of the legislator Rosangella Barberan, Popular Force. For this reason, a segment of the population expects this panorama to change with the establishment of new working groups.

Rosangella Barbarán is a member of the Fuerza Popular Bench.

According to the reasons Barbarian gave to the press for not discussing the release of funds in the aforementioned commission, he insisted on focusing on the reform of the pension system in Peru. ONP as AFP.

However, it seems that the situation will not change in this matter as now the in-charge of the said executive committee is the Member of Parliament. Cesar Revilla, Also Popular Force. So far, the chairman of the working group has not ruled on the matter, nor has he set an official date for the discussion on the launch of the private pension system. Commissions will be established in the next few days, so expect news soon.

Fujimori Assemblyman Cesar Revilla will lead the Economic Commission. (Photo: Andean)

The withdrawal of the AFP was rejected by both the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Banking, Insurance and AFP Supervision (SBS). They were joined by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

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As its president Julio Velarde explained, leaving subsidiaries unfunded is foolish and initiatives from Congress will only destroy the nation’s pension system.

“It doesn’t occur to anyone to withdraw money from a pension fund. There is no country without a pension system. To take all the money out is madness, here or anywhere in the world. To the worker: ‘Do you want to keep your money or go to the pension fund?’ When asked, he would reply: ‘I like to have cash on hand. Spend it now'”, the banker pointed out in the first quarter of this year.

Julio Velarde, PCR president. (Andean)

4 Withdrawal of AFP up to UIT (S/19,800): Issued by A decent street Podemos Peru.

-Withdrawal of up to 3 UIT (S/14,850) by AFP Victor Kutiba Bicentennial of Peru.

-50% withdrawal of funds provided by AFP Elias Avalos We can grow.

-Return of 70% of funds provided by AFP Americo Gonza Free Peru.

-50% AFP cashback on home purchase provided Patricia Juarez Popular Force.

-AFP retreat of 3 issued by ITU (S/14.850). Victor Flores Popular Force.

-AFP retreat of 5 issued by ITU (S/24.750). Jaime Guido Free Peru.

-AFP Retraction 4 issued by ITU (S/19.800). Guido Bellito Bicentennial of Peru.

Withdrawal of 25% AFP to repay loan with mortgage guarantee provided Melissa Cordova A developed country.

100% AFP withdrawal on home purchase provided Ilyich Lopez A popular move.

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