AFP Withdrawal 2024: How Many Days to Deposit? Check the approximate payment dates

AFP Withdrawal 2024: How Many Days to Deposit?  Check the approximate payment dates
infobae Perú has calculated the approximate days in which the maximum, the first UIT and the following will be deposited. – Composition Credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/Infobay/Paola Elizalte

Thousands of affiliates have already requested AFP withdrawal 4 UIT (S/20,600) is already awaiting the first deposits of these amounts. As known, banking supervision, insurance and AFP (SBS) will fall within a shorter period than that described in the first ITU (S/5,150) approved regulations. This document and the AFP Association Each deposit (note that 4 UITs are issued in four sets of one UIT each) is made within a maximum of 30 calendar days after the request is made and each previous UIT is delivered. SBS Confirmed Infobae Peru Only the first S/5,150 will arrive in a short period of time for each requested affiliate.

“For the purposes of first return only, the period of 30 days is limited to a shorter period. This way, for applications submitted on May 20, AFPs will have to make the first payment by June 14 at the latest. (…) LThe count is repeated based on each request date“If the member submits his application on May 21, his first payment will be made on June 17,” he explained. Infobae Peru The SBS.

Thanks for this, Infobae PeruEstimated maximum dates for delivery Primera out and the following.

However SBS does not specify the exact days for the deposit of the first UITHe clarified that it will arrive within 30 days. however, The company explained how the dates are given consecutively after the request is made. Monday 20 May to Friday 14 June and Tuesday 21 May to Monday 17 June SBS There is an exact number of days to calculate the arrival of the first S/5,150.

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So, according to own calculations Infobae PeruThe first ITU will fall within the maximum period of approx 18 business days This was made possible by the information provided as the request was made SBS

However, keep in mind that this only applies to the first ITU. After this each UIT will be deposited as maximum 30 calendar days (Calculated after delivery of each UID). This can be seen in the diagram I created Infobae Peru Based on this information.

These are the last remaining dates to redeem AFP on LINK before the free period begins. – Composition Credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/Infobay/Paula Elizalte/AFP Association

To make it even simpler:

  • The The first UIT will reach you in maximum 18 business days (calc Infobae Peru) since you made the AFP withdrawal request.
  • However, this period may be shorter. (Several affiliates have reported receiving this amount beforeo).
  • The The second ITU will reach you in maximum 30 calendar days, from the date the first UIT was issued to you. That is, if they have made a deposit before, they need to count 30 calendar days from this date to know when they will make the second deposit.

As millions of members have already registered themselves Application for withdrawal from AFPThese are tracking your orders connection (For those with AFP Hábitat, they should follow

Dozens of affiliates have reported receiving this message and are within their date and time to make an AFP withdrawal request. According to the AFP Association, how is this resolved? – Composition credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/Infobay/Paula Elizalte/AFP Association Capture

However, if you want to know When will they deposit to you? For your AFP, you should take into account the following:

  • You can check the map Infobae Peru with estimated dates (above, at the beginning of this note).
  • Many affiliates have reported that they can tell an AFP deposit is nearby because they can see it Rebate of these amounts in your AFP accounts. Therefore, it is recommended to review your own AFP funds to see if they will be disbursed to you soon.
  • If you want more information, AFP recommends writing to their email [email protected]
Congress approved pension reform and banned future AFP withdrawals. – Infobae/Andina/Congress Composition Credit
  • to request AFP withdrawal You must enter this connection:
  • You can check the AFP table to know When should you request an AFP withdrawal? In this connection
  • from From July 2 to August 17All affiliates can register to receive up to 4 UITs from their AFP accounts.
  • If you get the message “We are unable to process your query or transaction at this time…” To access both application registration and follow-up, it is recommended to check whether you are within your date and time, otherwise try to enter. Google Chrome oh Microsoft Edge, That is before entering Drill He Register Browser navigation and Cookiesor change from Dyspositicas mobile phoneAnother laptop or another PC.
  • If your ID ends in 5, you can send your application on Monday 24th June (if you didn’t send it on 30th or 31st May).
  • If your ID ends in 6, you can send on June 25 (if not on June 3 or 4)
  • If your ID ends in 7th then you can send on 26th June (if not sent on 5th or 6th June)
  • If your ID ends in 8, you can send on 10th, 11th or 27th June (if you don’t send on 10th or 11th June)
  • If your ID ends in 9, you can send on June 28 (if you don’t send on June 12 or 13)
  • If your ID ends in 0, letter or other, you can send on June 17th or July 1st (if you don’t send on June 14th).
  • Independently, all members can send their request from Tuesday 2nd July to Saturday 17th August
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Last year, Peru presented various climate and social problems, resulting in weak performance of the manufacturing sectors and, as a result, the economy contracted by 0.5%.

The government sought to combat this situation by ordering the seventh release of contributions to the AFPs with the aim of reducing citizens’ expenses and debts.


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