Afrofuturism festival: what it is and programming

Afrofuturism festival: what it is and programming

A different proposal is the Afrofuturism Festival, which culturally interweaves Africa and Colombia and adds a technological element.

The Delia Zapata Olivella National Arts Center opens its doors to host the Afrofuturism Festival, which combines elements of the African diaspora with science fiction, fantasy and technology in the arts.

With a mix of musical theatre, concerts, workshops, rich conversations, film screenings and interactive experiences, the Afrofuturism Festival is a vibrant space that explores the diverse visions of the future of the African diaspora around the world.

It will be open to the public till Saturday. November 4.

The festival is a fusion of Colombia and Africa, featuring African artists from Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin and Senegal; as well as the Colombian cities of Cali (Val del Cauca), Timbuktu (Gauca) and Barranquilla (Atlantico).

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An international line-up of concerts, workshops, films and interactive experiences.

In addition, cultural exchange is offered with countries from East and West Africa landing in Colombia and, for the first time, at the Delia Theater.

The meeting combines musical theatre, concerts and cinema, weaving a plot that includes elements of technology, science fiction and fantasy.

The result is a fusion of universal music with Afro-centric roots, where ancestral rhythms merge with the vibrant vibrations of bass music, while organic sounds converse with avant-garde electronics.

All this is combined with a project of lighting that brings the natural elements to life, giving the audience a moving vision of Africa, where ancestral rhythms intertwine with the sonic vitality of urban music from different countries.

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Inside Festival Afrofuturismo Diverse artistic expressions touching on themes such as war conflicts, authoritarian regimes and social struggles will be explored, creating space for deep reflection on the complex dynamics of human relationships, deeply rooted beliefs and the narratives that define our world.

The festival becomes a platform to address transcendental issues through art and culture.

“Delia Zapata Olivella National Center for the Arts will be a system for meeting, uniting and planning, and a home open to the world in the heart of Bogotá,” said Delia Zapata Olivella.

So, if you’re in Bogotá and you don’t have plans for this weekend, plan yourself to attend the last day of this festival.


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