After a great performance in Ligue 1, UTC revealed Patrick Zubczuk’s next target

After his excellent campaign with UTC in the current Ligue 1, ‘Gavilan’ coach Carlos Ramaciotti has revealed which club Patrik Zubczuk will play for in 2024.

Patrick Zubczuk has his future set in 2024. | Photo: Luis Jimenez

One of the figures UTC This was the 2023 season Patrick Zubchuk. The goalkeeper was the main reason ‘Gavilan del Norte’ stayed in the first division for another season, which is why he is one of the best in Ligue 1, much to the delight of his followers and football enthusiasts.

In that sense, the coach Carlos Ramachiotti Recently the club extended Zubczuk and contracts Jonathan Medina Aiming for 2024. This way, the team will have a solid target to face Ligue 1 next year.

Photo: Luis Jimenez / LÍBERO.

“The match is not over yet. You don’t have to pronounce the last names. They solve it when they meet the commission and try to fix the salary. First they have to look at the players in the team. I was there. The goalkeepers fixed both Medina and Jubchuk.”DD commented to an ovation.

With this, everything points to the former Universitario de Deportes member continuing to wear the ‘Gavilan’ shirt. Hence, it will be a tough task for them to qualify for international competition next season.

Patrick Zubchuk Value After 2023

According to an international portal, Patrick Zubczuk is currently valued at half a million euros Exchange market. In that respect, the website notes that the 28-year-old’s pass is the highest he has scored in his entire career.

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Patrick Zubczuk: Clubs he played for

During his career, Patrick Zubczuk has defended the colors of Universitario, Cesar Vallejo and Cienciano. Today, he is a person at UTC de Cajamarca.

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