Agricultural Bonus 2023: Can you now check with DNI if you will receive FertiAbono 3?

Agricultural Bonus 2023: Can you now check with DNI if you will receive FertiAbono 3?

Find out what Midagre had to say about the agricultural bonus that will be given to thousands of farmers in Peru in October 2023.

Can you verify delivery of FertiAbono 3 with your DNI? Midakri said about this.

He Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI) Due to the lack of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) fertilizers, thousands of farmers will receive cash assistance through the Agricultural Bonus 2023 or Fertiabono 2023, which will be disbursed in phases, it announced.

This subsidy will last till now From S/389 to S/7,447Depending on the number of affected hectares, it was granted between 2022 and 2023, so in this note from you will know whether this benefit will continue to be granted in October of this year.

How do I know if I should collect FertiAbono 3?

To check whether you are a beneficiary of the October 2023 farming bonus, you need to enter the official portal And enter your ID number.

If you would like personal attention, please call the toll free number 0800 – 74006 between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. Likewise, we share all the information provided by the Ministry of Agricultural Development on and irrigation.

Learn how to check this FertiAbono 3. Photo: Midagri

2023 Requirements for availing Agriculture Bonus

He Peru Govt He presented a list of requirements that people need to take into account to get this economic benefit and face the economic crisis and shortage of fertilizers.

  • Run agricultural units up to five hectares and use chemical fertilizers.
  • Appears in the Register of Agricultural Producers (expiration date November 16, 2022).
  • Grow any of the 40 products Midagry mentions.
  • Not on public sector payroll.
  • Emergency Ordinance No. 022-2022 and no. 025-2022 not benefited by.
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This is the amount of 2023 agricultural bonus

Bonus amount: S/389 (0 to 0.5 ha) and up to S/7,447 (0.51 to 10 ha).

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