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For this, it is allocated They have already invested around US$1 million to US$2 millionIn addition to restocking and bringing in product lines from other markets.

At the same time, they are integrating new production lines in Guatemala and continuing to study more opportunities as there are good prospects in Central America, Bauer assured.

Augusto Bauer, Deputy CEO of AJE Group.

Augusto Bauer, Deputy CEO of AJE Group.

“Inside We are investing in Nigeria as well as in Egypt where we are investing in a new plant For the African market, from today it is emerging as a better market than Latin America.”, he explained. For the executive, this helps AJE because there may always be countries that suffer temporarily but that will be offset by better markets.

On the other hand, at the product level, the executive says the company has just introduced Exciting amayu in Mexico and Spain, a product not yet available in Peru.

(Photo. AJ Group)

(Photo. AJ Group)

Peruvian market

The start of the year in Peru was good for AJE due to a hot summer in the first quarter, but now, facing a cold winter, the beverage industry is suffering. Especially if you compare this quarter with last year, when there was no winter. With this in mind, portfolio propositions are being tweaked, Bauer explains, for example betting on Volt, which is a more counter-cyclical product. At the same time, he adds, AJE is innovating to promote games and other types of beverages that help break seasonality, such as cocoa and coffee from the D’Gusto brand.

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They work well and Helps compensate for the reduced need for water or moisturizersGrowth will be important because we are still starting from a small base“, he pointed out.

Volt, the energy drink that drives the category in Peru

Volt, the energy drink that drives the category in Peru

Bauer observes that for the second semester, there will be somewhat more difficult months in terms of consumption and demand, indicating that there will be more competition in the industry. It was already felt, but it will be pronounced in this second semester. “At the very least, we hope to get above-inflation growth.”On”, he estimated.


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