Akab urges the administration to ask Congress for powers to revive the economy. Economy

The Association of Agricultural Producers of Peru (AGAP) He talked about the recognition of the government The Peruvian economy is already in recession.

Also recognized by the Agricultural Society Absence of government action to exit Economic crisis and social problems faced by all Peruvians and especially the agricultural sector. In that sense he said as follows.

  • The political, economic and social instability we have been experiencing for years, the dire situation the country is going through as a result of corruption, populism and general incompetence, is now consistent with the government and the Republican Congress. Fix this situation and steer our nation’s destiny with greater urgency, responsibility and efficiency with a clear roadmap for economic reactivation.
  • Inaction by the government to revive the economy is jeopardizing the integrity of the economy and leading the country to a more delicate situation due to growing unemployment and increasing multi-dimensional poverty due to high informality in all productive sectors. Our population and our country.
  • The situation the agricultural sector is going through is very important, we at AGAP have been warning for months and we are giving proposals to the government to implement an economic restructuring program for agriculture, agricultural exports and agriculture. The industrial sector makes a significant contribution to securing employment, sustaining productivity and providing sustainability to investments in the entire agricultural production chain.
  • It is urgent to seek executive branch powers from the Republican Congress for economic restructuring, which must be approved as a matter of urgency.
  • The country and the agriculture sector do not need populist measures or inaction. Encourage private investment to create formal employment and promote an agricultural regulatory framework with legal stability that improves the competitiveness of producers and firms to attract investment back into the formal agricultural sector.
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Finally, the union insists that the Govt Establish emergency measures Gotta get back on trackl Economic development.

“We urge the government of President Tina Polvarde and the Republican Congress Establish extraordinary and urgent measures to reactivate the agricultural sector and the Peruvian economy And return to the path of economic growth with prosperity for all Peruvians” He says in the statement.

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