Alejandro Soto Activists Attack Congressmen Using Fake Accounts on Social Media | principle

Alejandro Soto Activists Attack Congressmen Using Fake Accounts on Social Media |  principle

A week ago, if it was known that the workers of the Congress leader, Alejandro Soto“Cuarto poder” revealed this Sunday the 27th that they are using false accounts on Facebook to flatter their image and now they are also using them to attack various congressmen.

WhatsApp conversations on November 23, 2021, suggest that official Eduardo Quesada, then advisor to the Alianza Para el Progreso (APP) bench, ordered the attack on legislators Luis Aragon (Popular Action), Guido Bellito (Peru Bicentenario) and Katie Ugarte (Unity). shows. and Parliamentary Dialogue).

“As pointed out yesterday, we must enter and note the absence of Aragon in the memo, ‘run run fox’ Bellito buzz and highlight that Congress (sic) Ugarte pulled his teaching exam seven times,” Quezada wrote in a group. The WhatsApp he shares with the Soto group.

Immediately, Soto’s top adviser, Sandra Rodriguez, responded: “Let’s get to work, Eduardo.”


Earlier, Rodríguez, Penelope Contreras Cabezas, who works in Soto’s office, said for false users attacking other Cusco legislators: “Penelope, please account.” “ok doctor”

The day before the reaction of Quezada and Rodríguez, the television channel of the University of San Antonio Abate in Cusco published a picture on Facebook with a photo of four congressmen from Cusco: Ruth Look (Cambio Democrático – Together for Peru), Guido Bellito. , Katie Ugarte and Alejandro Soto.

As of last month, Quezada and Rodríguez became members of Soto’s team at the presidency of Congress, according to the parliament’s official website.

In another conversation on December 13, 2021, Soto workers insult Congressman Luis Aragon for not supporting him in his complaint to the Ethics Commission.

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In the chat, official Edgar Camarra, who works in Soto’s office, wrote: “Now with more desire to step on the neck.” An unidentified consultant replied: “Those damn pencils and one of Aragon’s worst.”

In the same conversation, consultant Sandra Rodriguez added: “The doctor tells me that we are writing plates. [de los que no votaron a su favor] And his signature is invalid in PL [proyecto de ley] of [Ruth] Luke”.

A week ago, “Cuarto poder” also revealed that Soto’s workers were funding advertising on social networks. In this case, the National Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation into the concussion allegations.

More chats

In another conversation on November 16, 2021, Edgar Camarra asked to find someone with access to the Facebook page of the District Municipality of Vilcabamba. Ask him to remove the anti-Soto comments.

“You should come and comment. This is the page of the municipality of Vilcabamba. [Phenélope Contreras]Please call the person you coordinated to remove the comments against the doctor, thank you,” he wrote in the chat.

Official Phenelope Contreras immediately responded: “I have already spoken with the municipality. He tells me that they are removing and will do the same with others.


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