Alex Bejar and the reason he decided not to continue on ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’: “They asked me to stay for years” | my mistake

Through a video, starring actress Alex Bejar ‘Laya’ and ‘AFHS‘, said why he didn’t stay in the country to continue the successful TV series.

Alex Bejar is from a film produced by Amazon.

He won the love of many Peruvians. At the end of July, the actress Alex Bejar announced that she was leaving Peru, so her participation in the successful series ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ will not continue, so we will no longer see the character of ‘Leia sans‘.

After her exit, the actress returned to her native Spain, where she commented on her departure from the “Al Fondo Hey Sitio” series. This information has been revealed through his channel Network light. What kept you away from Peru Novel?

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Alex Bejar and the Reason for Retirement in ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’

As mentioned, actress Alex Bejar returned to Spain and revealed in a YouTube video what made the artist decide not to continue with ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’.

That is the reason Alex Bejar ‘ performed a performance to have a part in the conspiracymy mistake‘ A product Amazon PrimeFor this reason, he had to leave the Peruvian series ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’, which won the love of thousands of Peruvians.

“I passed the finals and they chose me. I really wanted to because I had already started my career abroad, but inside Spain “No, I’m very happy,” said the actress. She also pointed out that many people wanted her to stay in the series for many more years. “Many people told me that I should stay in Al Fondo Hey Sitio for many more years, but I think the beauty of an actor is that he plays different characters throughout his life. I think that’s the art of being an actor,” added Alex Bejar.

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That way we can now see Alex Bejar in an international role. Conspiracy my mistake It is an Amazon Prime production which has created a lot of anticipation as it has really impressed the audience with the first film itself.

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Which character did Alex Bejar play in ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’?

Many believed that the character played by Alex Bejar in Al Fondo Hey Sitio, ‘Laia Sans’ is a villain, however, to the actress, she is a human being who has her own strengths and weaknesses and faces difficult situations. , I reacted like everyone else.

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Farewell to Alex Bejar and Peru and Al Fondo Hay Sitio

Let’s remember that a few weeks ago Alex Bejar recorded an emotional video thanking Peruvians for their love before returning to Spain. Here he doesn’t hide his sadness as he says goodbye to his character Laya forever Downstairs is the room.

“Today is my last day at ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’, I’ll upload this when the last chapter comes out, it’s so sad, I’ll be there by then. Spain I want to thank you for all the support and opportunity you have given me,” the actress said.

“It’s a joy and honor, I don’t have words. It’s the most beautiful and incredible experience I’ve ever lived, it will always be in my heart, it’s really nice to give life to Leia, it means a lot to me and I’m very sorry,” he added. Very emotional and her voice was stuttering

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Alex Bejar receives positive news after exiting the series

After announcing his withdrawal from Downstairs is the room, Alex Bejar She received positive messages of love and admiration from her followers, highlighting her outstanding role as Laia in the series. America Television.

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“Laia, don’t go”, “You’re going to come back, I promise you”, “No Laia, I’m the reason I saw the room downstairs”, “I’m going to miss her”, “One of the few competing characters, shows professionalism in her role, where Laia asks her to respect her life as a chef”, “I will miss you so much”, “You keep calm, they are all coming back, say “yes” when they ask you”, some messages were supportive.

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