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Apertura didn’t make it past the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores beyond being far from contention for the tournament. Kevin Cerna He is one of the footballers who has seen his price go up significantly in recent weeks Lima Alliance. His speed, dribbling and goal share (3 so far this year) allowed his value to rise from a million to 2.5 million dollars. And, of course, scoring twice against Fluminense allows a jump from Ligue 1 to the middle of the ‘Old Continent’. Exchange market of Europe.

As he could find out Testify, a Turkish club has shown interest in the Colombian, so a move to Europe cannot be ruled out just yet. Meanwhile, there was another club in Argentina looking for a footballer, but the situation did not progress due to the foreigner’s quota issue. Currently, there are studies from scouts and traders around the world, and always have been, but nothing concrete at this time.

Beyond the fact that every footballer is excited about a great contract in his career, Alianza Lima’s number ’26’ is happy at La Victoria club and wants to be the national champion with all his teammates. Serna has been training with the rest of his teammates for the blue and white team’s debut in the Clausura at the Esther Grande de Bentin in Lorient.

In this second phase of Ligue 1, the national teams aim to arrive in optimal conditions, and Alianza Lima and Sport Boys do not want to be left behind. As a result, both teams planned a friendly preparation match.

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The clash between the Blue and the White and the Pink will take place on Saturday, July 6 at 3:30pm at the Miguel Gera stadium in Gallo. And, he learned TestifyThe match will be played with both fans and will be a lot of fun.

Pasco Soiree with concessions

On the other hand, in an intimate shop, few opportunities to play can be a powerful reason for any footballer to start looking at new horizons. That could be the case with Bascco Soyer, the 17-year-old attacking midfielder who made his debut in July last year, but – for now – Alejandro Restrepo is not getting the expected minutes.

In 2023, the U20 team played four games for a total of 58 minutes. In that way, the football player’s entourage hoped that ‘Botrillo’ would shoot more this year, but it was not in the coach’s plans for the Apertura tournament, perhaps not for this last stretch, the title in the finals based on the club’s objective.

Testify He learned that the ‘Jewel’ has offers from abroad and is yet to negotiate with the club to renew his contract, which expires in June 2025. Last Tuesday, sub-20s Lurin and Alejandro Restrepo joined the U team. I will see if you take it into account or not.

When does Ligue 1 Clausura start?

As for Ligue 1, the match that kicks off the Clausura competition is Union Comercio vs. Sangas on Friday, July 12. The clash promises to be intense and back-and-forth at the Carlos Vidare Garcia Stadium in Tarapoto. On the same day, Deportivo Garcilaso will host UTC de Cajamarca and ADT Sporting Cristal. On Saturday the 13th, the legends of Peruvian football make their debut: Carlos A. at the Universitario de Deportes Memorial Stadium. Clashes with Mannuchi.

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Meanwhile, Alianza Lima visits Universidad Cesar Vallejo at the Mancich Stadium. Motivated by the start of the competition and the need to prove themselves, the intimates will go on to battle for the national title at the end of the year.

The first day will conclude on Sunday with three duels: Alianza Atlético will play against Atlético Gra, while Cuzco will host FC Melgar. Finally, Sport Boys will take on Sport Huancayo, thus rounding off a football-filled weekend.

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