AlicanTEC and ‘Alicante Plaza’ will promote the digital economy and technology entrepreneurship

Alicante. AlicanteAn association that includes the main technical companies in Alicante, and the newspaper Alicante Plaza They will collaborate to promote the development of digital economy and technology entrepreneurship. The two companies are merging Enhances the technology ecosystem In the province of Alicante, through collective actions to promote the development of culture and the digital economy with the aim of positioning the province as a point of reference to attract companies, institutions, entrepreneurs Beginnings and talent.

It is an initiative led by professionals and technology companies whose objective is to join forces and Building professional and corporate networks In all initiatives aimed at promoting the digital economy and future sectors (nanotechnology, health, biotechnology…) and promoting Alicante A great place for technology development and housing in terms of our province’s infrastructure and quality of life.

A collaboration between AlicanTEC and Alicante Plaza This will allow to expand and spread the activities or developments offered in the technology world and especially in the companies associated with this project, which have more than 50 prestigious companies and success stories. Finenetwork, Facebook, Lucentia Laboratory, NTT Data, Grupo Vern, Sonail, the horizon And so many others is part of the project .

Antonio Sanchez ZaplanaPresident of AlicanTEC, “Involvement and collaboration of Reference medium Promotes common objectives summarized in digital education of society, digital economy and development of future sectors, entrepreneurship, generation. BeginningsAs well as developing and retaining talent, attracting and creating new companies or improving the business innovation ecosystem and positioning Alicante as a reference territory to live and work.”

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Alicante Plaza Provides a Quality and accessible editorial format Along with daily news, but with a special focus on topics of interest such as business, innovation, sustainability or entrepreneurship, they are already reference sections that provide useful information to the public and the world of business and technology.

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