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The 23-year-old folk singer, Flor Sheiza Guispe Sukapuka, Known as “Millie Doll”, died last Wednesday, April 3rd. His family and lawyers point to the person responsible for his death Dr. Victor Barriga Fong, who would have committed an offence. This is not the only case of negligence involving Barika Fong, known as the surgeon of several artists.

In mid-2023, actress and dancer Marisilo Effio claimed that a doctor had tampered with her stomach in the middle of a mini-tummy surgery, which involves the removal of minimal or moderate excess skin and the removal of excess fat. , in which liposuction techniques are used. However, till date no kind of permission has been obtained to prevent this surgeon from practicing.

Before consultation, it is important to meet your specialist. For this reason, we have created a search engine in which you can check if your doctor has been finally admitted for any disciplinary reasons or if he or she is approved by the College of Medicine of Peru (CMP) to practice plastic surgery or not. Surgeon.

To date, nine doctors specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery have received some form of clearance between 2014 and 2023 for various reasons, according to data from the National Civil Service Commission (CSC). Only in these cases are they present. Obliged to comply with their permission. The cases are from the regions of Lima (4), Callao (1), Ɓncash (1), Ica (1), Lambayeque (1) and La Libertad (1). Five of the convicted surgeons worked at Ministry of Health hospitals and four at Essalud. Sanctions range from an eight-day suspension to dismissal. Two doctors were suspended twice, and two other specialists, one from Aiga and another from La Libertad, were fired.

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On the other hand, there are doctors who specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery who are not qualified through the CMP. In all, 87 professionals have been suspended or sanctioned.

It should be noted that no doctor can sign prescriptions or practice without this certificate, which certifies that he or she complies with national and international standards for medical practice in his or her specialty. Dismissal, reprimand for non-compliance with ethics regulations, or failure to pay CMP may result in loss of this certification.

Your health is not a game. Check our plastic surgeon search engine to see if your specialist is boarded and/or boarded. If you can't find it, remember it's because you're not registered as a plastic surgeon by the CMP and shouldn't be practicing as such.

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