AMEXI leverages transportation technology to improve security

AMEXI leverages transportation technology to improve security

AMEXI – Mexico City, July 5 (AMEXI).- Logistics and transportation represent a significant percentage of GDP in Mexico and constitute key industries for the economy, says Alayn Endaya, Marketing Manager. Wireless Logic España.

Many sectors, from retail to food or tourism, depend on both industries. This necessitates its digital and energy transformation.

The solution can be found in fleet management technology, as fleets can increasingly reach multiple countries.

For example, he says, with Traceability Information is received in real time allowing for tracking of routes and vehicles.

“Permits detection Improvement of routes To save fuel, utilize the full load capacity of vehicles, circulate at low volume and guarantee the safety of the load so that it reaches its destination on time and in good condition.

Alayn Endaya explains that the technology allows efficient and intelligent innovation that improves their management and automates processes, not limited to positioning vehicles on a map.

Secure connection
Through activities such as GeofencingEach vehicle detects a specific area in circulation and alerts are sent to the control center in case of violation.

This technology makes it possible to improve the security of transport companies against organized crime.

“Technology makes logistics safer because the driver, load and vehicle are protected in real-time and in an automated manner,” asserts Alain Endaya.

For complete digitization of fleet management, a Connection solution Secure and flexible.

He points out that tracking vehicles, including drones and ships, means adapting connectivity solutions in the context of internationalisation.

It describes that cellular telecommunications must be taken into account in this sense, which depends on the infrastructure deployments in each region and the relationships with operators.

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eSIM cards
For WirelessLogic, a provider and world leader in IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, integrating technologies with the aim of reducing the impact of borders is critical.

A way must be used Embedded universal integrated circuit cards (eUICC), known as E.g. Allows you to switch mobile phone operators without physical intervention.

The card is inserted into the device and provides connectivity anywhere in the world without having to insert a local SIM when changing countries, explains Alain Endaya.

He explains that there are associates who specialize in diagrams such as wireless logic StarlinkThe location of each vehicle is plotted on a satellite link.

WirelessLogic is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, dedicated to connecting the physical and digital worlds with seamless, secure and scalable solutions.

With over 13 million connected devices in 165 countries and direct partnerships with over 50 mobile and satellite operators, it provides global coverage and comprehensive IoT services.

WirelessLogic’s customers range from global corporations and governments to startups and SMEs.

They serve clients across a wide range of market sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, transportation, energy, utilities and smart cities.

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