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Not only are the tickets expensive, airlines are also increasing baggage fees. It has surely occurred to you that when you were in front of the screen to buy your ticket, you only had hand luggage. If you are going out of town and don’t know how to pack your clothes, accessories and personal belongings, this guide will bring you the solution from “Luggage Guru”. Additionally, I recommend you review these other travel-related tips: Why is it dangerous to drink alcohol before boarding a plane? The waitress has the answer Y This is how you get a free meal at the airport if your flight is delayed.

Mike Harvey, Managing Director of 1st Move International in the UK shared Here are his six top tips for packing everything you need into a small space for less on your plane ticket.

While traveling with carry-on luggage only if you’re at your destination for more than a week seems crazy, it has many advantages, such as saving time upon landing because you don’t have to move. A conveyor belt keeps your belongings in the cabin, so if your flight is delayed or changed, you don’t have to worry because your suitcase will arrive at the same time as you. Of course, before you start packing, check the baggage restrictions of the airline you’re traveling on to make sure you comply with the allowed weight and size limits.

How to carry out and not pay extra

1. Try the KonMari folding technique

“Marie Kondo’s viral organizing method, the KonMari technique, involves folding clothes into small rectangles that can stand upright in your suitcase. This is a game changer because it not only saves space but also makes it easier to see and access each element without cluttering up the rest of the arrangement.Explain.

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2. Use vacuum sealed bags to shrink your clothes

We’ve all struggled at some point to pack jackets or thick clothing. Here’s a trick from the experts: vacuum seal bags to compress bulky items like jackets and sweaters into flat packages. “Put your clothes in the bag, close it, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air. The result? Hermetic packages that take up minimal space in your suitcase.”

3. Use the space inside your shoes

“Never mind the empty space inside your shoes. Store electronics like socks, underwear, and razors to maximize space in your suitcase. “This has the added benefit of maintaining the shape of your shoes during travel” He explained.

Place your shoes on their side and roll your socks inside them, or use the space to store jewelry and cables so they don’t get tangled in any threads.

Viral | Baggage fees continue to rise so travelers need to pack smarter than ever. (Photo: Kinder Media / Pixels)

4. Use the Tetris method

Mike Harvey promises it will change the way you pack. “Put heavy items such as slippers or toiletry bags down, followed by neatly folding clothes and stacking them vertically. Fill the gaps with small items to make sure every inch of your suitcase is used. “This method helps distribute the weight evenly, so it prevents clothes from shrinking during travel.”.

5. Pack multipurpose products

If what we want is to save space, there is nothing better than choosing products that serve multiple purposes. “For example, a Swiss Army knife is equipped with a bottle opener (so you can enjoy a glass of wine without going out and buying a corkscrew after a long day of exploring), scissors for cutting labels on new clothes, and more”.

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An extra detail when packing your suitcase, and although Mike Harvey doesn’t explain it, it’s a good idea to repack liquids and creams in smaller jars to save space. You can transfer your sunscreen, shampoo, makeup remover, etc. into containers of less than 100 milliliters. Also, keep liquids in a separate plastic bag to avoid spillage on clothing.

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Why Use Shrink Bags When Packing Your Suitcases?

If you want to optimize the space in your carry-on suitcase, this trick is perfect. These bags allow you to save space by vacuum pressing clothes. To make it even more organized, you can separate different fabrics into different bags.

Why use the space inside your shoes?

Shoes usually take up a lot of space in your suitcase, so you can use the space inside them to store small underwear or other items like makeup and pills.

Why should you weigh and measure your luggage before arriving at the airport?

Remember the suitcase keep doing it Or hand luggage must have certain dimensions and not exceed a certain weight, so if you do not have any difficulties when going through the security line or boarding the plane, it is better to weigh your suitcase before departure, so you can remove it. Something that weighs a lot.

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