An unexpected incident in a NASA broadcast has the world worried: what really happened

An unexpected incident in a NASA broadcast has the world worried: what really happened

NASA operators on Earth activated the alarms after receiving audio purportedly coming from the International Space Station (ISS), indicating the need for emergency surgery on a crew member.

NASA photo: Reuters

This week, an unexpected incident happened Live broadcasting of National Astronomy and Space Administration (NASA) This created work restrictions and alarm among the public. Operators on Earth were startled when they heard an audio Medical emergency In International Space Station (ISS).

A crew member is suffering from decompression sickness and I needed emergency surgery. A few hours later, a message on the official account of the space program on the social network X clarified the situation: “There is no emergency on the ISS”. So what happened?

Roscosmos astronauts.  Photo: Twitter @NASA. NASA broadcast. Photo: Twitter / @NASA.

NASA's new project.  Photo: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Imagery Laboratory

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During the broadcast, the channel heard a simulation audio describing the emergency situation, the report explained. This audio was a part Regular training on EarthInadvertently disseminated and unrelated to actual emergency. “Members of the ISS are safe and sound”They revealed.

The International Space StationLocated about 400 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, it is managed by an international collaboration. NASAThe ESA, Roscosmos, Jaxa And this CSA. Currently, the crew consists of six American and three Russian cosmonauts who continue their research and work in the orbiting laboratory.

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Scientific alert The simulation audio was broadcast for eight minutes, in which a flight surgeon gave instructions on how to treat an injured astronaut. “Unfortunately, the prognosis for the Commander is very poor”The surgeon commented on what would be the best hospital for the patient after an emergency landing.

Launch between NASA and SpaceX.  Photo: Reuters. NASA, space travel. Photo: Reuters.

“The Decompression sickness An unlikely but serious danger that astronauts face in space, they explained, is that “the disorder occurs when rapidly moving from a high-pressure environment to a low-pressure environment, and in severe cases, Can be fatal“Added scientific warning.


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