And in the Cercle d’Economie Feijoo became prominent

And in the Cercle d’Economie Feijoo became prominent

And in the Cercle d’Economie Feijoo became prominent

Any pianist, Alberto Nunez Feijo, Chairman Bp, He gave this Wednesday with the key 38 Meeting Circle of Economy In Barcelona. Unlike a year ago, shortly after taking office, the Leader of the Opposition cheered the audience of executives and businessmen who filled the auditorium of Hotel W on the last three days of these annual meetings.

“He’s dressed like the Prime Minister,” the businessman ventured to confirm after consulting one. Feijo, in his own words, the results of the economic policy of a “genuine social democratic” government, viz Portugal.

The popular leader even eschewed populist and rhetorical pronouncements, promising a “peaceful and peaceful” transition if he wins the general election. wealth tax, an audience that contradicts this figure and, above all, one created by the administrator for assets of more than three million euros. “To start talking, you have to return it to the autonomous communities”, but he does not want to wet whether to suppress it or not, because first “you have to see how much you gain and how much you lose by eliminating it.” “, although generally, he considers it a line “unfair”. Yes, he has joked, promising Catalans are “more patriotic” because they pay more taxes.

“Of course, if I have to vote tomorrow, I will vote for it, although I fear the message will become radicalized throughout the election campaign,” advised another of the bosses. Without resorting to overly negative rhetoric, he insisted, “this session will last for an hour.” A public debt of 8 million euros is created“, what 40,000 million in financial costs in 2023We are lagging behind in recovering pre-pandemic GDP levels.One out of every four unemployed people is Spanishl”, Feijóo wanted to position himself as a political leader against the crisis. But he sent a message: “I am here because I believe so. A leader should not hide.

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He did not clarify whether he was addressing the president Pedro SanchezYar was due to deliver the closing address of the convention and on Monday, after calling for early elections, refused to attend and appointed the vice president. Nadia Calvino When they proposed to him instead that he should compare the economic policy of the administration with the economic policy of the PP, this proved to be a “tricky question”, as he assured, “he is ignorant of what the economic policy of the PP is”. Over the past five years, the government has pursued a “responsible and balanced policy that, as the data shows, will work,” he assured.

time and hundreds of millions

One of the main criticisms of the famous leader about 23-J Election He focused on his opportunity. After seeing the result last Sunday, he opined that “they could have been called together and saved citizens time and crores” after recalling that PP had been asking for them for some time.

A choice between the two is Feijoo’s proposition “A petty and inexperienced politician” Or a platform “Solidarity and Management of Critical Issues”. The speech drew loud applause from the auditorium Taxes: The personal income tax rate for low and middle income earners should have been adjusted according to their criticism of inflation and i.Bank and electricity charges “Seems challenged.”

Many of his listeners agree that the “economic status”, though registered as growth, is “not win-win” and “needs reforms”. All of this is entirely in line with the Cercle note that framed these conferences, calling for a political consensus to condemn the stagnation of per capita income in Europe. Increase productivity.

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Feijóo also caught the audience’s attention when he insisted that one of his aims was “to have the PP be the party of government in Catalonia”. He also urged to curb “confrontational politics”, “strengthen institutions” and “not reward those who denigrate them”. If he wins on the 23rd, many will be watching him comply.


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