“Andalusia brand is leading and growing”

Seville, 4 May. (Europe Press) –

The Minister of Economy, Finance and European Finance, Carolina España, highlighted in the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament, the “good health” shown by the Andalusian economy, as a result of several positive indicators known in recent months. . “Andalusia is at the forefront and wants to continue to do so, because we demonstrate that the economic miracle of Andalusia consolidates the Andalusia brand, which is currently in an increasing trade”, he emphasized.

Spain pointed out, “In Andalusia an ecosystem is being created that creates employment. We provide budgetary and institutional stability, we create trust, security and certainty, and this has allowed, among other things, to raise standards and the poor. Evaluation of the financial solution of Andalusia”.

The consultant also mentioned the good “reputation” Andalusia currently has. “Before the epidemic we had already reached the GDP, which Spain has not yet reached, and we have exceeded it by six tenths.” He noted that the latest known unemployment data “leads to the creation of Andalusia employment and the reduction of unemployment in Spain”.

The head of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and European Finance pointed out during his speech that “the data are there” and pointed to “the record of foreign investment in Andalusia registered in 2022, whose growth has doubled that of Spain; or companies created in Andalusia, twice that of Spain; and cement consumption , which is more than twice that of Spain; we continue to beat the figures for exports and tourism.

“And all these good results”, continued the adviser, “despite the drought”, which hinders the economic development of Andalusia, because the agricultural sector weighs heavily on its GDP, and the financial system is outdated and unfair. Andalucia loses a billion euros every year compared to the average received by other autonomous communities”.

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