Angie Zibaja cries as her kids sing Shakira’s “Acrostic,” and user responds: “That song for Romina Gachoi” | Jean Paul Santa Maria | Video Farndula TRCM | scenes

Cold cold Angie Jibaja is facing one of the most difficult periods of her life after two years of not being able to communicate with her two children. Jean Paul Santa Maria.

Although this is a true fact, the singer has appeared on numerous national television programs to demand the right to see her children, but so far she has not got the desired results.

Even during Mother’s Day, a series of photos of Angie Zibaja’s two children with Santa Maria’s current wife, Romina Cachoi, were circulated on social networks, with the children considering them as a mother figure.

On this occasion, Jibaja used her Tiktok account to record a video dedicated to her children in which she was able to express the deep sadness she feels at being separated from them.

Angie cries while listening to Shakira’s “Acrostic,” the user replied

In recent days, a viral phenomenon has emerged surrounding the song “Acrostic” by Colombian singer Shakira. It is a collaborative song featuring the artist’s two children, Milan and Sasha, as a result of her relationship with Gerard Pique.

The lyrics of the song tell of a mother advising her children on how to face life’s challenges, giving them unconditional support to always find happiness.

In this sense, Angie took the opportunity to dedicate part of the song’s lyrics, specifically the lyrics that refer to the desire to be close to children.

“The only thing I want is your happiness, to be with you. A smile from you is my weakness, to love you”, was part of Angie In her post explaining her crying, Jibaja accompanied the video with the sentence “From a Mother to Her Children”.

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TROME – Angie cries while listening to Shakira’s “Acrostic” and user replies: “Song for Romina Gachoi”

However, one of the users; Named Esmeralda HR, had an acid comment: “That Theme for Romina Cachoi”, Got likes and lots of replies:

“Yes, Rominita, she deserves a crown for being a good woman and mother”, “You are absolutely right”, “That girl has such a beautiful heart, that girl really was a light on the path of those children”There were some aftershocks.

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