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Larry Amaury alvarez Núñez, better known as ‘Larry Changa’, was wanted in 196 countries for high-impact crimes such as terrorism, arms and ammunition smuggling, aggravated extortion and kidnapping. On Monday, Chairman Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, confirmed his arrest in a rural area of ​​Quintio department. He is not a common criminal, he is one of the three founders of a dangerous international criminal gang Aragua trainAccording to Colombian and Venezuelan officials.

According to Colombian officials, ‘Larry Changa’46 years old, born in Venezuela Aragua. After escaping from prison stHe lived for three years Chile Under false identification.

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Established in Colombia In 2022, with false documents. He was wanted by both Chilean and Venezuelan authorities for the aforementioned crimes. His name appears in the database of InterpolSo he had arrest warrants in 196 countries.

How was he arrested?

Accordingly , ‘Larry Changa’ He was arrested in the city of Circassia In the process of an elite group of Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Interpol (DJIN).

The arrest took place in the early hours of Monday, July 1. In order to reach him, information provided by the Chilean authorities to the Chilean police was crucial. ColombiaEl Tiempo newspaper said it confirmed agents had been following his activities for two months.

Officers of Chile They call their colleagues in Colombia a ‘family circle’.Larry Changa‘I was in Colombia. After that, Djin was able to establish that the three daughters and the criminal’s accomplice were living there Armenia.

In Circassia, ‘Larry Sanga’ set up a pizzeria and several butcher shops. These were listed in the names of prominent individuals and acted as fronts for money laundering.

Larry Changa escaped from Chile and arrived in Colombia. (Photo: EFE).

In Colombia had received false identification under the name Victor Miguel Moreno Alvarez. The document mentions his alleged birth Cartagena On January 5, 1977.

On investigation, the police found the truck he had used. A special edition Toyota Land CruiserThe only one in circulation Circassia And one of the few in Colombia, said El Colombiano.

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The vehicle began to follow along with the drones. This allowed the police to obtain images that showed the person in the truck was the person they were looking for.

It was revealed when the police entered his property to arrest him ‘Lari Changa’ had construction plans for a lavish mansion It is going to have swimming pools and a large social room in addition to other extras, reported El Colombiano.

Semana magazine reported that Tijin founded In Colombia ‘Larry Sanga’ was tasked with expanding the criminal power of the Aragua train. With a coffee press, he was doing just that.

Chilean officials told Colombian officials he had direct contact with the alias.Warrior boy‘, the supreme leader of Aragua train Escaped from prison st In January this year.

Larry Changa’s truck. (time).

Who is ‘Larry Changa’?

According to research cited by El Tiempo, ‘Larry Changa’ While he was serving his sentence in the Tocorón prison, he participated in the founding of the criminal group Tren de Aragua.

He did it together with ‘Nino Guerrero’ and Johan Petrica from Valles del Tui near Caracas.

He Aragua train Today it is in the lead, except for Venezuela. Chile, Peru, Colombia, part of Brazil and It has begun to infiltrate the United States.

El Tiempo pointed out Tokoron Prison It was practically a hotel for prisoners, as they had a swimming pool, a baseball field, and food establishments. And, from there they can plan and execute illegal activities with complete peace of mind and impunity.

‘Larry Changa’ He served more than 17 years in prison for murder and aggravated robbery.

In 2015 ‘Larry Sanga’ escaped from Tokoron. After his escape, Venezuelan media reported that he had died in an operation, which was false.

Three years after his escape, he was found ChileThere he entered irregularly.

In Chile he devoted himself to money laundering.

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According to After entering Chile ‘Larry Changa’ Lived in A Two Storey House in Renka CommuneIn Santiago.

He lived with his wife in Santiago and obtained temporary residency under a false name with a unique tax identification number (RUT) as a foreigner.

In the capital of Chile He ran a canteen located there Four blocks from Palacio de la MonedaMeganoticeas pointed out.

Raul ArancibiaTarapaka’s lawyer confirmed it ‘Larry Changa’ He was responsible for establishing the operations of Aragua train In Chile, it went unnoticed by the authorities.

In 2021, a vehicle registered in his name was involved in a murder in Chile, but ‘Larry Changa’ He proved his innocence by proving that he had sold the car before the crime.

But he continued to be interrogated until Chilean authorities determined his involvement in several Crimes like kidnappings, murders, possession of weapons.

Commissioner of the National Central Offices (OCN) Riccardo Micali InterpolHe said “In January 2022, aware that the police were on his trail, he irregularly left the country via a secret route in the north,” finally settling in Colombia.

“Immigration records show that this man has already made several trips Colombia. In fact, on one of those trips he bought a plot of land in the coffee region. “It is thought that he may have already made contacts with mafias operating in the immigration and registry in order to obtain his documents as a Colombian citizen,” a source told El Tiempo.

Now ‘Larry Changa’ It was obtained by the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia through the Directorate of International Affairs. In In the next few days, documents will be received from Chile through diplomatic channels to begin the extradition process..


History of the Aragua Train

He Aragua train Country from A union of workers who worked on the construction of a section of the Venezuelan railway in 2005Toured the states Aragua Y Carabobo; Hence its name.

The union boycotted jobs and extorted money from contractors In exchange for security. Later, he expanded his criminal activities. When construction was halted in 2011, the union was already operating as a criminal gang. Inside crime.

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The mega gang reached its criminal peak in 2013 Hector Rustenford Guerrero Flores, alias’Warrior Child’, He was again arrested and imprisoned stThere he established alliances with union members.

In Tokoron, Guerrero He quickly climbed the prison ranks, and he “take it”.

in jail’warrior boy’ He had full control and started charging other inmates a monthly sum for gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants, nightclubs and other jobs inside the prison.

out stHe Aragua train It faced few obstacles in establishing its control, expanding its territory and carrying out criminal activities.

‘Warrior Boy’ He recruited criminal gang leaders from the San Vicente neighborhood in Marrakesh, and established another operational center there. One of those bands, “Flipper”, by an alias of its leader, Kenferson Sevilla Arteagatook complete control of the neighborhood.

Thanks to its association with this group, The Aragua train Somos El Barrio was able to legally establish the JK Foundation so that the organization could begin to acquire the skills of social control over the community.

Later, during the Chavista government Tareck El Aissami In Aragua, much of the state police apparatus was dismantled and San Vicente was turned into one of the well-known “zones of peace,” areas where the government prohibited the operation of security forces. Thanks to this, the Aragua train consolidated a solid base in the neighborhood.

Today the Aragua train And teams under his command are dedicated to extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking, assault, auto theft, migrant smuggling and human trafficking. Venezuela and other countries America.

According to Transparencia Venezuela, the criminal megagang has more than 4,000 members.

In September 2023, ‘Nino Guerrero’ escaped from the Tocorón prison before authorities entered the prison to transfer all the inmates to other prisons.


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