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In July, the majority of the nation’s workers will get a chance to enjoy some holiday. Many families use these days to break out of their routine, travel or stay home with loved ones. However, because of the celebrations National holidays In Peru, what are the days? Many have questioned whether July 28 and 29, July 26 and 27 will be allowed as long holidays. In the following note, we tell you all the details.

What do you know about July 26 and 27 holidays or non-working days for national holidays?

Supreme Decree No. published by El Peruano newspaper. 011-2024-PCM establishes that Friday, July 26 will be considered a mandatory holiday, that is, it will be a non-working day for part-time employees. The Government shall, therefore, provide compensation for the hours left unworked in the next 10 days or in any case as determined by the immediate employer.

In the case of the private sector, the use of this measure is optional, as whether or not they are granted leave on that date depends on the agreement between the employer and the worker. Therefore, there will not be a long holiday for Peru’s national holiday, which falls on Sunday July 28 and Monday July 29, as in previous years. It is important to note that these celebrations are aimed at promoting domestic tourism as it helps in reviving and strengthening the country’s economy.

How many holidays are there in July?

Below, we present the three national holidays in July on which both the public and private sectors can rest.

  • Peruvian Air Force Day: Tuesday, July 23.
  • National Holidays: July 28, Sunday.
  • National Holidays (Parade and Great Military Parade): Monday, July 29.
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List of remaining holidays in Peru

  • Tuesday, July 23: Peruvian Air Force Day
  • Sunday, July 28: National holidays
  • Monday, July 29: National holidays
  • Tuesday, August 6: June’s War
  • Friday, August 30: Santa Rosa de Lima
  • Tuesday, October 8: Battle of Angamos
  • Friday, 1 November: All Saints Day
  • Sunday, December 8: Immaculate concept
  • Monday, December 9: Battle of Ayacucho
  • Wednesday, December 25: Christmas


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