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Diego Alonso Sánchez, son of Arequipa’s regional governor, Rohel Sánchez, denounced the theft of his belongings from a van belonging to the regional authority at the Yanahuara District Police Station.

According to the verbal reprimand received by the post office, the governor’s son informed the police that he parked and left the vehicle near the Mormons Church located on Jamacola Street in Yanahuara district around 7:05pm. When he returned two hours later, he realized that the right side window of the vehicle was broken and his belongings were missing.

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Items taken from the unit included a wallet, 100 soles, his identity document, headphones, sneakers and black shorts.

Colonel BNP Raul Acosta, head of the Internal Order and Security Division, announced today that the governor was in Lima for two days and returned from the capital today, so the state security police were not there when the events took place. facts.

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It is noteworthy that the Arequipa Regional Government Press Office reported that the governor’s personal vehicle was attacked by unknown persons this morning.

It was even mentioned that unknown persons had recorded and photographed the vehicle at the gate of the Governor’s House. However, the facts may not be relevant.

Mail | Arequipa’s governor did not report an attack on his vehicle

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