Argentina: Javier Millay’s government officially announced the closure of the Women’s Ministry

Argentina: Javier Millay’s government officially announced the closure of the Women’s Ministry

The Under-Secretariat for Protection Against Gender-Based Violence is the last remaining body of the former Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity. Javier Miley After taking office as President.

Government of the Argentine President, Javier MileyThe former announced its closure this Thursday Ministry of WomenAccording to an official announcement by the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Defense against gender violence in the previous administration led by Peronist Alberto Fernández (2019-2023).

“According to President Javier Millay’s decree to reduce the size of the state and eliminate politicized institutions, the national government ordered in December 2023 – the date the new officials take office – Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity After its closure, it was converted into a Sub-Secretariat,” an official statement said.

This bias went into orbit Ministry of Justice Its definitive removal was resolved today, the note added.

According to the Miley government’s criteria, the now-defunct Ministry of Women was “created and used by the previous administration for political-partisan purposes, to propagate and impose an ideological agenda, recruit militants, and organize speeches and events.”

“None of their actions led to a reduction in the crime rate,” which refers to the number of femicides recorded in the country, an average of 245 per year. “On the contrary, Argentines saw their ideological bias in the discriminatory protection of victims,” ​​the justice ministry added.

The Milei administration says an internal audit found “there was a clear overlap of activities with different government agencies dedicated to the same task in the area of ​​the undersecretary for gender.”

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“This represents the maintenance of buildings, structures and more than eight hundred employees, with various salaries, with insufficient funds for the Argentine government,” the Department of Justice asserted.

The ultra-liberal Millay government emphasized the need for its decision: “This decision responds to our commitment to the transformation, efficiency and reduction of the state, always continuing to protect and protect citizens against violence.”

The closure of the Undersecretariat for Protection against Gender-Based Violence was already expected by the department’s head, Claudia Barcia, who resigned from the post today.

Parcia had said the Milei administration planned to dissolve this part of the Argentine government. A country where on average one woman dies every 35 hours due to sexual violence.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) at 7:57 pm (22:57 GMT) I received a WhatsApp call from Human Rights Secretary Alberto Banos. Under-Secretary of Defense Against Gender-Based Violence will cease to exist. In that respect, I present my irrevocable resignation,” Barcia stated in his resignation letter, which EFE had access to.

For their part, sources in the Human Rights Secretariat (HR) indicated that it was a “restructuring” and that the sub-secretariat hierarchy was “removed with the aim of streamlining and overlapping resources”.

The last remnant of the old is the Undersecretariat for Protection Against Gender-Based Violence Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, Miley was closed after he assumed the presidency on December 10 last year, and was transferred from the orbit of the Ministry of Human Capital to the Department of Justice.

Parsia’s resignation comes after thousands of people staged a ‘One Less’ march last Monday calling for a “national emergency” to be declared over sexual violence and rejecting the administration’s reforms. It was accused of harassment against women and controlling public policies on gender.

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