Army to investigate new 'Casolinaso' scandal at Pentagonito Barracks involving commander

They condemn the new gasoline in the Peruvian army

Last Sunday, Sunday Panorama A new case of 'gasolinazo' carried out from the inside was revealed General Headquarters of the Peruvian Army, Better known as Pentaconito. The complaint was accompanied by videos of Army Chief Jimmy Grandus stealing gasoline from the state and transferring it to a private vehicle; A fact similar to other scandals of this type, such as that of retired General Edwin Donaire, for which the agency has now decided to initiate an investigation.

After this was revealed on February 4, the Army announced in the statement N° 003-2024/EP It also ordered the initiation of a follow-up inquiry handed over to the inspector general of the military establishment to find those responsible, if any. It confirms the actions taken by the Battalion Commander. Jimmy Grandes Sanchez, The company employee was relieved of his post after the report was published.

“The military command has ordered an investigation to be initiated by the investigative body to determine those responsible for the sanction as per the disciplinary rules of the armed forces and, if applicable, inform the “prospective office concerned,” it announced on Sunday in a statement responding to the allegations.

Army report indicating change of commander caught stealing petrol. Twitter.

According to the Directorate of Military Information, “the battalion commander has been relieved of his post” after the videos were released, where he can be seen carrying petrol paid for by all Peruvians and the army has free access to a private vehicle.

Likewise, in his report, the Peruvian Army The acquitted commander clarified a series of details about the details of the crimes he was accused of. According to the agency, the illegal theft of petrol matches the audiovisual content made in September last year and confirms that it belongs to Grandes Sanchez. Military Police Battalion N°505 of Pentaconito.

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“The video and images broadcast in this program correspond to September 2023, where the Military Police Battalion of Army Headquarters no. Soldiers in the 505th observe irregular fueling and supply private vehicles in the battalion's parking lot. ,” the statement said.

A member of the Peruvian military denounced company leaders as being behind systematic gasoline theft.

The report was released, but not before clarifying that the erratic theft of petrol was “an entirely isolated incident and unrelated to good corporate practices”. “Army categorically rejects all forms of corrupt practices and institutes strict action against those who commit them,” the statement said.

As anger over the incident did not subside with this questionable statement, the army presented the organization's head, Gen. Fernando UribeThe Sunday newspaper revealed that more figures from the military group were involved in the framework of the complaint to clarify additional aspects.

In an interview RPP, General Uribe stressed that the complaint was an “isolated incident” and, on the other hand, refrained from answering if it was known that more people were involved in the crime, according to the Sunday newspaper. concerned people. Uribe said that if wrongdoing is found on the part of the inspector, it will be reported to the prosecutor's office. State Attorney General's Office.

The Chief of Army Information assured that 'Casolinaso' was an isolated incident | RBB TV

As revealed by the Sunday newspaper, Commander Grandes' illegal petrol theft activities were initially alerted by a Battalion Sergeant of the Military Police. Happy Marco Akkatoma, Testified before the media. According to Auccatoma, his intention was to gather evidence so the now-exonerated superior could report.

“I said: 'If I put my mind to something, to be able to do something in my hands… I already know what I can do.' “I decided to stay to gather evidence so that in the future I can reprimand the commander,” said Auccatoma Felices. Panorama

The same Acatoma He had to commit these violations, but always at the behest of his superior, by going to the General Headquarters parking lot at night with cans of petrol to steal the liquid from official vehicles and then depositing them in private. Cars. “He gave me orders and I had to obey out of obedience,” he scolded.

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