Artificial beach in San Juan de Luricancho: the controversial project and two experts’ opinions on its suitability and design | Lopez Aliaga | San Juan de Lurigancho | Pool | Mayor | lime

Artificial beach in San Juan de Luricancho: the controversial project and two experts’ opinions on its suitability and design |  Lopez Aliaga |  San Juan de Lurigancho |  Pool |  Mayor |  lime

The Inauguration Work will be done Friday May 12. This innovative attraction has one dimension 2,500 sq. mtrs. The burgomaster assured that the artificial pool will contribute to the recreation of more than 10 million people of SJL.

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After forty days, as checked, fine sand, palm trees, showers and bamboo umbrellas have already been placed around the pool. Trade. In principle, Meyer pointed out. There will be no artificial waves.

However, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) posted on its social networks images of LΓ³pez Aliaga Huiracocha’s last visit to the Park facilities, leading to negative comments.

Soon, the grand opening of SJL’s burial ground. What a waste of resources”, One user commented on the possibility of sand entering the water around the perimeter of the pool.

Many tracks, holes, broken sidewalks, broken traffic lights (…) There are many more things but that kind of artificial beach is not necessary”, one user questioned about the relevance of the work.

Trade Huiracocha spoke with two urban architects about the design and suitability of the construction of an artificial beach in the Regional Park.


Karina Puente, urban planner architect, thinks A silly artificial beach construction: “It’s a useless job in one of Lima’s well-maintained and well-integrated parks. Also, it’s not the time: we’re entering winter in May. There are important issues like the operation of additional corridors at SJL and Lima.”.

“There are more important problems in San Juan de Luricancho and Lima.”

The artificial beach will cover an area of ​​2,500 square meters. (Photo: George Cherton)

/ Nucleo-Photography > George Cherton

For his part, urban architect and co-founder of the Latin American Network of Urban Planners, Alto Faucho Dede, maintains it. Any improvement in recreational infrastructure is good newsAs long as it is carried out within the framework of a comprehensive plan to improve all areas in the park”.

In this sense, Facho Dede says that the maintenance of the green areas of Huiracocha Park should also be strengthened.SJL is the district with the lowest green recreational area per citizen in Lima”.

Sand enters the water

As for the design of the work, Puente points out that it’s a simple proposition. According to the expert, the main drawback of the works in the swimming pool of the regional park Sandblasting.

“If they had put in the fine sand used in civil construction, the pool would always be dirty and maintenance would be a headache, even more so in the context of water scarcity now,” argues Puente.

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Faucho Dede agrees with this concern: “People would stand and lay their bodies in the sand and they would carry them to the pool. The air that circulates there will bring the sand in. The municipality must ensure that the amount of sand transferred to the pond does not affect maintenance or water recycling, for example by clogging drains. It requires high maintenance cost.”.

On the other hand, the architect pointed it out It is impossible to activate artificial waves in the pool of Huiracocha Park, Well, that would be concerningCompletely change your entire design”. Likewise, consider that entrance to the regional park and pool should be free.

Artificial beaches in other countries

In 2017, in the Commune Las Condes, Santiago de Chile, He inaugurated three artificial beaches Three area parks during the summer.

At Araucano Park, covering an area of ​​900 square meters, A Big pool, Beach sandGames for children, lounge chairs, umbrellas and volleyball court.

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