Best Celebrity Chef: Who Is Ariana Polo Arce And What Is The Problem With Ricardo Moran That Keeps Her From Being A Part Of The Latin Project?

¿Ariana Bolo Arce Was he called “The Great Celebrity Chef”? What does that have to do with it? Ricardo Moran? Here we say.

Ariana Polo Arce is a famous Peruvian YouTuber and has her own business called Materia.

Sexy YouTuber Ariana Polo Arce has been highly praised on social networks after the announcement of the third season of El Gran Chef Famosos.

However, in one of his last videos he recalled his time The last passenger Also the ‘tender’ commitments sent by him to the producer Ricardo Moran. What happened and what do you think about the show now?

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Ariana Polo sends a note to Arce Ricardo Moran: “No hate”

Ariana Polo Ars After receiving dozens of messages on social networks, he decided to speak in one of his YouTube videos, where they branded him as part of the third season. The Great Celebrity Chef.

“That’s why you want me to go on that famous show (The Great Famous Chef). But you know why I think they won’t call me from there? She asked Eli to guess whose production company it was. To which his friend replied: “From the same producer as The Last Passenger‘”

With this in mind, at one point the Peruvian explained that he couldn’t be on television because he didn’t mention it in the best way. The last passenger And in the video he recorded he used various adjectives Ricardo MoranThe former producer of the show Forgotten and now the producer of the cooking reality show.

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“Guess what I tell Ricardo Moran? We send Ricardo Moran a kiss, give me that ‘baldness’ and nothing happens. If you invite me, I will do it for free, I love salty and sweet dishes,” the youtuber added.

“But that won’t happen because we already know why they didn’t invite me. Thank you all. (…) No anger friend Ricardo (Moran)”.

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Ariana Polo reminisces about her time on Arc’s The Last Passenger

In 2021, Ariana When he appeared on the forgotten show, he surprised his followers by reminiscing about his first appearance on television on his YouTube channel. The last passenger.

At the time, the young woman was just 16 years old and came to the show as the captain of the blue team, not imagining that she would be the subject of a serious haircut challenge.

Ariana had to face a haircut battle against the captain of the red team. Despite being so determined, she lost a large chunk of her hair as a result of the competition, and the young woman gave up her achievement in tears.

Do you regret representing your ad? Eli said, to which Ariana replied: “I don’t regret going to the show to meet Ricardo (Moran). The head of P…, I do not regret meeting Karen Schwarz”.

“I won’t win anything, the day I win, I’ll win this shit break*%&. It’s my bad luck and people need to know me at least for a few days,” Ariana commented.

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Who is Ariana Polo Ars?

Ariana Polo Ars is a popular Peruvian YouTuber. His team now consists of his brother David Polo Ars And her friend Eli Ruiz McMillan.

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The polo team shares their experiences in different parts of the country, as well as visits some restaurants that are popular on social networks at the request of followers.

On his YouTube site, Ariana has 918 thousand followers and share content in their style to entertain their followers.

The trio, formed by Ariana, David and Eli, own a business called Materia, dedicated to the sale of exclusive t-shirts and polo shirts.

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