Best series about time and space travel you can find on Star+

Best series about time and space travel you can find on Star+

In 2023, time and space travel have been part of the plot of some of the most popular movies and series. From the gigantic version in alternate dimensions Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse For the magician A world between worlds of Ashoka. Cinema and the small screen delved into stories that allowed him to rethink reality. Thanks for the great science fiction titles.

Of course, this is nothing new. From its inception, genre created the idea that time and matter could be flexible and that its rules could be broken. Even becoming a bridge to alternate realities – case in point Flash– or new worlds, as he put it Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania . What we assume to be true can only be a conjectural truth FoundationOr a better simulation, depending on the version Silo . Regardless of the perspective, all are consistent with one common element: what we take for granted can deceive us.

We leave you with five series Star+ It involves travel in time, space and reality. From an animated classic that gets new life, to an alien that tries to understand humans through time. All of them are options that tell the world from a completely different sphere. Its main quality.


Matt Groening’s animated classic, revived for a new season, is a rare ride for the ages. Fry (Billy West) A pizza deliveryman who wakes up thousands of years after being frozen by a cryogenic process. A world that explores not just the most pessimistic and cynical future imaginable, but a place where anything is possible. This includes space, dimensional and chronological travel.

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But the strongest element of the series – which has come of age over the decades – is its vision of life and its many facets. Each character, from a different race, origin and planet, often analyzes the world from opposite angles. Also, they explore coexistence to a whimsical limit combined with very dark humor. It explores each chapter in mass culture, the times, science and the simple human condition.


Time Travel Series, Star+

Alex Garland’s story is mysterious in the way his best films are. But specifically he uses science to explore the idea of ​​futures and alternate realities. The script he wrote envisions the possibility of a predictive algorithm allowing us to understand the meaning of existence through mathematics. It causes Enigmatic company AmayaIt has the power to influence events in the future and the past.

However, the creator and writer leans more towards the ability of humans to use such power, eschewing generalities in this matter. This leads him to question whether feelings, decisions, or ethics can or should interfere with free will.

The series shows little and hints of plot lines that are not fully developed in its eight episodes. However, predictability, inevitability and fate are analyzed as part of the risk control model. A theme that transforms the production into a philosophical reflection on technological ethics in the middle of a suspense drama.


Time Travel Series, Star+

The South Korean production integrates into its plot one of science fiction’s great obsessions: immortality. At the same time, how human consciousness can be transformed and connected through extraordinary methods. The story focuses Ha Dong-soo (Jung Hae-in), an immortal humanoid whose eye was stolen.

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Script based WebtoonsBy the same name, it uses the phenomenon of violence to raise the question of what defines identity. Any android recovering from any wound and injury finds that, in this case, the distortion he experienced is connected to another reality.

pronto, Ha Dong-soo You will find that the eye – now in someone else’s possession – connects you to that person’s experiences. Everything that the world, time and even the human spirit believed in is completely changing. By the time he discovers the true mystery of the incomprehensible situation, life will never be the same for this creature who cannot understand death.


Time Travel Series, Star+

Luca (Christopher Von Uckermann) is a young seventeen-year-old wizard whose tricks seem surprisingly realistic. Which is confusing Rene (Damian Alcázar), expert in stage tricks. But everything turns very strange and touches the limits of understanding reality, when the second boy discovers that he, in fact, has control over an inexplicable type of magic. In particular, the ability to achieve physical feats that can be considered miraculous, apart from having a dark complexion.

With three seasons and a closed end, reflecting the use of productive power. But we assume what is real and what is not. Magic is closely related to above-average mental and physical abilities, making it an unusual view of morality.

Luca Y Rene, they need to examine whether the illusion is a joke seeking the audience’s complicity and not an actual hoax. One that the young practitioner uses for his own benefit. Even more, the mystery of the origin of his abilities is too brutal and difficult to admit.

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Resident Alien

Time Travel Series, Star+

Harry (Alan Tudyk) is a good doctor who goes to great lengths to understand his patients. Until it is separated from its planet of origin. Combining medical humor with science fiction, the story also explores the meaning of time and evolution.

This alien, with apparent good intentions, must understand that his life sooner or later depends on his ability to understand our world. But specifically, the way time passes and reality unfolds itself.

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Only one witness could see his true nature. Resident AlienAsks the right questions about identity. It all has to do with how far we are from where we were born and how that affects our perception of reality. A most curious trip of all.

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