“Blackhawk”, ARM's secret technology that wants to revolutionize your next mobile's processor

Apple and Qualcomm's reign of power will end with the arrival of ARM's Blackhawk

ARM wants to go back to the top, and its secret weapon is Blackhawk: a processor that promises to defeat the giants in the field.

ARM is working on an app that will compete again in the major leagues. ARM Holding's business is based on licensing apps for companies like Apple, Qualcomm, Huawei or Samsung. Although they work well this way, manufacturers are starting to develop and manufacture their own apps. ARM saw how diluted its business was and wanted to fix that Blackhawk is an app that promises to be a beast in performance and performance with full AI integration.

What is “Blackhawk” and how does it work?

According to the report Moore Insights & Strategy, Blackhawk will be a processor based on the new generation Cortex-X architecture, expected to be released this year. This architecture will include improvements in security, artificial intelligence and performance.

Processor The premium range should be the brainchild of smartphones and laptops. ARM's ambitions are huge, but now may be the right time to launch this type of processor. In fact, ARM's CEO has made Blackhawk's intentions clear.

Rene Haas commented that Blackhawk “Bridging the performance gap between ARM-designed processors and custom ARM implementations”. This represents what companies like Apple are doing to get an ARM-based processor, but with higher performance.

It's a big bet and even more so if your business isn't going at its best. The rise of AI is crucial for ARM to take action in developing this app. Blackhawk will have AI integration like never before Let the app actually learn from the user's usage.

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When will we see “Blackhawk” on the market?

ARM's Blackhawk technology is still a mystery and it is not known when it will be available to the public. According to a Moor Insights & Strategy report, the company will be in the development and testing phase, and It could deliver its first prototype by the end of this year or early next year.

Obviously Blackhawk It is ARM's commitment to innovate and lead the mobile app market, and it could represent a revolution in the field. Let's keep an eye out for news from this secretive technology that hopes to change your next mobile phone app.

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