Brian Reina had a specific reaction after the midfielder's visit to the Universitario

Alianza Lima frontman, Brian Reyna, didn't hesitate to respond to Jairo Concha's post in the Universitario in a very specific way.

Brian Reyna reacts after Jairo Concha's visit to Universitario de Deportes | Composition: Libero

University He made a splash in the transfer market by offering midfielder Jairo Concha as a 'bombshell' reinforcement for the Centenary. His visit to the cream store did not go unnoticed by his former colleagues from Alianza Lima, he replied.

This time, one of his best partners in the intimate eleven, Brian Raina The 24-year-old decided to like the latest release of the footballer, where Konza spread the first release since his arrival at Aet.

“Going to the Universitario is a dream come true for me. I take this big step with great responsibility and gratitude. I leave my soul on the field. Thank you to everyone for their messages and well wishes. Let's go with everything.“, pointed out the now cream midfielder on his account. Instagram.

Brian Reina reacts to signing Jairo Concha at Universitario/Photo: Instagram

How long is Jairo Concha's contract at Universitario?

After being officially announced at the Universitario, the journalist LiberoGustavo Peralta indicated that the contract with Jairo Concha is for the next 3 seasons.

Jairo Canza will have an exit clause at the Sports University

“This is normal in every contract. It is not true that if an offer appears right away it will go away. Mid-year and end-of-year evaluations will be conducted as appropriate. Konza focuses. at the university,” The spokesperson noted.

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