Caldos and El Oliver: An oasis in Acho

Caldos and El Oliver: An oasis in Acho

Luis Miguel Leon (Lima)

Joaquin Caldos Y Olive grove They were oases in the beginning Oh Feria. The Peruvian finished the afternoon’s work against the bull with more options, which was rewarded with a return to the bull. A wonderful and established bullfight. He was the only bull in a run of bulls that had many irons but hesitated to win attacks with the same finesse. A lot without options King Rock, this oneHe deftly punched three bulls without charging even once.

He received with good veronicas and three stockings Joaquin Caldos Second, it reaches the public more. A vibrant task of connecting mulattos to an inch of land, very established. The series for the perfect bidon – the best bull – was always too decisive to leave the crutch. High quality work culminating in the final sequence on the right hand side. It took some time for the bull to fall, but at the first encounter the sword was unsheathed, chilling its captors. Return the loop to the ear and bull.

The fourth is already struck with a small exchange in receipt for Veronica D Joaquin Caldos. Although the Peruvian has everything he needs on the horn to do a good job with great tone as always, his position is in Muleta. The best sequence came again from the right side. A puncture left everything in a few palms before the push.

The sixth doesn’t make things easy, a bull from San Pedro never lacks determination and integrity in his travels. After doubling with him, Joaquin Caldos tried to embrace the attacks, although he had to cut them short due to problems with the horn. Lunch at a nice place. peace

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A bull opened the bull St. Peter He came out without zeal in the cape King Rock. The Peruvian accepted him as Veronica and began work on his muleta superior. The bull had two series of long strokes in the right arm and lower arm before collapsing, and he finished his work in the suburban fields. Half a push was enough for the bull to double down. However, the point guard had to take him away and use a scalpel. peace

He was also out of luck. King Rock Third, it raised public protests. Because they didn’t tone it down at the beginning of the big job with two passes behind their backs, they had to shorten it due to lack of connection with the public. A truncated but worthwhile lunch. peace

A bull called in the bag The fifth seed had an uncertain attack and soon signaled his desire for a draw. Following the draw, he tried King Rock Constructing a task conditioned by such dull attacks. He had to cut a lot without options. Lungs in all of the above. Palms.

Celebration Paper:

Iron from El Oliver - PeruIron of Santa Rosa de Lima - PeruBaijan Iron - PeruBullying I think, Lima (Perú). Lord of Miracles’ first bullfight. Goesk bullfight. More than three-quarters occupied. Bulls St. Peter (1st and 6th), Olive grove (2º), Santa Rosa de Lima (3º), Azahares (4º), in the bag (5th), unequal presentation and play. The second stood out, named ‘Lukumo’, No. 271, Soapmaker, weighing 503 kg, was rewarded with his return to the ring.

king rock, Peace, quiet and applause.

Jokun Kaltus, Ear, palms and silence.

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Incidents: After the parade, a musical prelude was performed by the Juan Fanning Battalion of the Peruvian Navy.


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