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Carlos A. Mannucci Received this Wednesday Cusco FC Live / Live / Online / Live for the ninth match of Betsan League 1. ‘Carlista’ need a win to move up the table and bounce back from their defeat against UTC the previous day. However, it is not the only three points needed, because the cusqueños are two points behind the trujillanos in the match and have not won in two dates.

The first measures of commitment called us that we were going to have a very combative match in the midfield confirmed with the development of the first 45 minutes of the match in the facilities of the Mancich stadium in Trujillo. , had a prominent public presence at the stand.

Despite efforts Carlos A. Mannucci Y Cusco FC The forwards were overtaken by the defensemen in the first half to get on the scoreboard so the score didn’t move and both teams came away disappointed at halftime with no goals scored.

Mannucci vs. Cuzco FC: Post match

Manuchi vs. Cuzco FC: That’s how they came to be

Manuchi vs. Cusco FC: It’s minute to minute

Mannucci vs. Cusco FC: The Brief

Carlos A. Mannucci and Cuzco F.C They will square off this August 16 from 5:30 PM at the Mancich Stadium. The transmission will be responsible for the Liga 1 MAX signal and you will be able to watch it online through the Directv GO and Claro TV streaming platforms. You can find events and history of the tournament in Deborah.

Manuchi vs. Cuzco FC: This is how the teams come

Carlos A. Mannucci After the defeat against the Technical University of Cajamarca, this pledge is reached. Despite the efforts of the Trujillo cast, the local team held on for three points thanks to a double from Casper Gentile. Unfortunately, with this result, their chances of continuing to advance in the Clausura and Accumulated Tables are complicated.

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A win as a spectator would have helped us a lot in the last stretch, like accelerating in the last metres. We cannot pass up the opportunity we have as locals. While it is true, neither heat nor altitude are our allies, our place is in our DNA. We shouldn’t take a chance with a direct competitor like Cusco FC”, Mario Vieira, coach of the ‘Carlists’, said in his last press conference.

As for Cuzco FC, the imperial team must also win. After a draw against Alianza Lima last weekend and a loss against Union Comercio on the 7th, the team is 13th in the points table. This forces them to add a yes or no to the three this Wednesday as they are a few points off the relegation zone.

You have to close the page (commitment against intimates), this game is over, and think about Mannucci. It is a direct contender for the fight for the trophy; It is there to fix bugsCuzco goalkeeper Daniel Ferreira explained after the match at the Inca Carcilazo de la Vega stadium.

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