Chain of seven earthquakes in Arequipa within 24 hours: material damage and even landslides

Chain of seven earthquakes in Arequipa within 24 hours: material damage and even landslides

A magnitude 7 earthquake shook Arequipa

In the National Seismological Bulletin N°278-2023-INDECI/COEN, Indeci reports that a new 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Achoma, Caylloma-Arequipa, exactly 14 kilometers from Maca, Caylloma. The telluric event was at a depth of 9 kilometers and occurred at 8:25 p.m.

Arequipa suffers from frequent earthquakes on the same day. | INDEX

What happens with a series of earthquakes?

After various earthquakes ArequipaFormer President National Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Peru (Senamhi), Patrick ValderramaHe explained that this natural phenomenon could affect the Sabansaya volcano.

“Due to the series of earthquakes we have in Arequipa, it can be determined that the Sabanzaya volcano is up,” the expert read in a tweet.

COER coordinates with municipalities

The Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) coordinates with the municipalities of Yanqu and Kailoma (Arequipa) for moving heavy machinery. They work with civil defense technicians.

Shocking photos of earthquake in Arequipa: collapsed houses, destroyed more than 200-year-old church and blocked roads

The White City never stopped moving. The IGP announced the sixth telluric movement in Caylloma town where the Sabancaya volcano is located, which has been active since 2016 due to active geological faults.

Arequipa A total of six earthquakes have been recorded since the night of last Friday, June 2 till this Saturday. Yesterday’s tremors, aftershocks or the fear of a large-scale earthquake have disturbed the peace, leaving people unable to enjoy a peaceful night.

Sixth earthquake in Arequipa

Peru’s Institute of Geophysics (IGP) announced a sixth Earthquake Inside Kyloma, In the Arequipa area.

The telluric movement started at 1:56 pm and appeared 17 kilometers south of Makkah at a depth of 8 kilometers. Severity of III And latitude and longitude -15.79, -71.76 degrees.

Churches were destroyed in Arequipa

Churches located in Keiloma (Arequipa), were damaged and some were destroyed.

Report of the Regional Government of Arequipa

Regional Government Arequipa It is reported that monitoring and coordination work is continuing with heavy machinery on the roads affected by the earthquake on Friday night and early Saturday morning.

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“With the objective of protecting the life and health of the people. Particularly vulnerable, coordinated since yesterday with the Provincial Municipality of Caylloma to establish tents in the main squares of the districts of Maca, Madrigal, Achoma, Lari and Tisco. and analysis of needs in their jurisdiction”, he added.

He also asked citizens to remain calm in case of further tremors.

Report of the Regional Government of Arequipa.

Three hours after these earthquakes were reported, in Keiloma, ArequipaA new tremor was recorded. It happened in the middle of the night and it was a Size 3.6. Its depth was 10 kilometers and its longitude and latitude were -15.79 and -71.80 respectively. This took place at Qailoma, 17 kilometers south of Makkah.

Third trembling It happened at 9:48 PM. The magnitude was 4.2. Its depth is 12 kilometers; Latitude -15.78 and Longitude -71.80. It happened 16 kilometers south of Makkah.

They report that there was an earthquake in Kyloma.

Meanwhile, the second quake struck 48 minutes later, at 9:27 p.m. The Size 4.5 earthquake and its depth is 12 kilometers. Latitude and longitude are -15.79 and -71.80 respectively. It happened 17 kilometers south of Makkah.

They report tremors in Arequipa, Cayloma.

Firstly Earthquake 49 minutes was recorded at 8 pm. Its depth is 12 kilometers, latitude -15.78 and longitude -71.72. This specifically happened 16 kilometers south of Makkah.

They report three earthquakes in one hour in Arequipa.

Sabansaya volcano is responsible for earthquakes

First Sabansaya volcanoLocated in Arequipa, it began its period of unstable seismic and volcanic activity in 2016. According to ASISMET, the last three earthquakes, in such a short period of time, were caused by a single activity. Geographical fault Located near a volcano.

Institute of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy (ingemmet) Through its social networks, Sabancaya has not reported any unusual activity at the volcano. However, it did not rule out issuing a precautionary warning to the people of Keiloma to be alert and aware of such occurrences.

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As recalled, in March of the same year, the The White City It experienced 21 tremors in two days, which, like last night’s, damaged houses and caused rocks to fall on roads. At the time, this event caused fear among the people due to the hidden danger of the activity of the Sabansaya volcano.

According to Ingemmet, the seismic activity of March 2022 was caused by the regular eruptive activity of the volcano, which led to the reactivation of geological faults in the area. However, since this event has occurred before, there is no reason to change the volcano alert at this time. Therefore, after the earthquakes were recorded, it was clarified that the volcano was not going to erupt. Kyloma.

Many houses have been damaged in Kailoma province.

Mayor of the province Kyloma No human casualties have been reported in the emergency areas.

“It caused great panic among the people, our first response force is assessing the damage, heavy machinery was also used to prevent landslides in the Guiparani sector, in any case, we continue to assess with all the agencies,” said the Burgomaster.

The earthquake caused large boulders to dislodge from the mountains

Friday 02 night and this Saturday 03 June morning, residents Arequipa They are cautious. Last night, in one hour, three earthquakes of moderate intensity occurred in the Golga Valley. According to a report by the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), there have been two tremors in the last few hours, which are already total Cinco Los Earthquakes With magnitudes oscillating between 3.6 and 4.7, centered in the province Kyloma.

At 02:17 this Saturday, the most recent tremor with a magnitude of 4 occurred, and its epicenter was located in the mountainous area of ​​Arequipa, in the province of Quiloma, 17 kilometers south of the district of Maca. This information was provided by the Center for National Emergency Operations (COEN), with data provided by the IGP.

The location of the earthquake was at a depth of 12 kilometers, which made the residents experience it very intensely on the surface.

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An hour earlier, a previous tremor with a magnitude of 3.6 and the same earthquake was recorded in Makkah, however, in this case, the depth was 10 kilometers.

The first tremors in Keiloma began at 8:49 p.m. on Friday, June 2. These had a magnitude of 4.7, located 16 kilometers south of Makkah, 4.5 to 17 kilometers south of the same district, and 4.2 to 16 kilometers south of Makkah an hour later.

He trembling A high magnitude (4.7) caused damage in various parts of Makkah district. The Kuiparani section remains inaccessible as huge boulders were cut from the hills blocking the highway. One affected house was reported while in Ichubamba. In Lari district, the steeple of his church was damaged.

Multilateral National Simulacrum 2023

Last Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the MULTIPLECRO NATIONAL SIMULAGRAM So that citizens know how to act best before an earthquake. Another objective of the event was to improve the response capacity of the National Disaster Risk Management Agency (SINAGERD).

Through the process, an effective and timely response was sought Dangers Nature and caused by human activities. Inclusivity, gender and interculturality were considered.

The exercise was scheduled on this date to commemorate the May 31, 1970 earthquake, which caused many casualties along the Department’s beaches. cash.

As recalled, this earthquake was caused by the fall of a large ice sheet snowfall Huascaran against the city of Yunge, which is why it was buried with almost 20,000 people.

Peru is the country most affected by A Earthquake Because its territory is located at the confluence of the Nazca and South American tectonic plates. This causes intense seismic activity.

Collision of plates may occur Movements and ruptures in the Earth’s crust, which in turn are released in the form of earthquakes.

Another factor that explains the high frequency of vibrations Peru The coast integrates the Pacific Ring of Fire.


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