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According to Puig, Liderman It has identified a growth opportunity in this area due to, among other reasons, the great interconnectedness of banking activities. He pointed out that the challenge is to propose different models Security Matches them with budgets for each business unit. “We will create a small local hub Internet securityHe mentions.

Therefore, a part of the 300,000 USD allocated by the company in investment this year will be used to implement the SOC (Security Operations Center) service. Resources will also be used to improve the company's internal efficiency to maintain its competitive ratios despite inflation.

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What new market will Liederman enter?

With nearly 23,000 collaborators in Peru, Chile and Ecuador, Liderman It will strengthen its presence in the region and expand to Florida in the US in the first half of the year. plans to provide the services of Security Physical and technical, and implementation of parking facility is not ruled out.

The company aims to strengthen its presence in Quito and Santiago de Chile and manage two new parking lots in Lima. “It depends on the rent. The places we rate pit Y Tax. “We don't buy premises: we only rent”Admin says.


Liderman Its local billings closed in 2023 with 4% growth, explained by its tracking business line – which accounts for nearly 95% of revenue, complemented by its technology services. Meanwhile, its parking facility lineup grew 200% compared to 2022 as a result of more deals with customers in the healthcare and retail sectors.

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Even so, the local result is conservative compared to what was expected at the beginning of last year (a double-digit increase). While concern over social and economic insecurity is the theme of 2023, it does not translate into increased demand for health services. SecurityComments Puig. “Unlike Ecuador, where the body surveillance line grew.”.

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However, the manager notes that double-digit growth has been recorded in geolocation services for the protection of valuables and vehicles. For its part, there is no variation in the alarm installation service.

However, in 2024, it projects a better year in terms of revenue, supported by the growth of its new facility management line (maintenance and cleaning), which will be implemented in the last quarter of the year. Internet security.


  • The company expects the business to reach double-digit growth in 2023 at the regional level (Peru, Chile and Ecuador).
  • By 2024, Liderman It will also operate event maintenance services business. It is the first company licensed in this area in Peru.
  • Due to economic instability, the rate of labor turnover Liderman It is 40%.

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