Chandrayaan-3: This is how it landed on the South Pole of the Moon [VIDEO]

The Indian Space Agency has shared photos that captured a historic moment for Earth. Luna.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has shared the official photos Moon landing of Chandrayaan-3 In the southern part of the satellite.

The spacecraft’s solar panels can be seen in the images It will travel to the surface of the Moon at a controlled speed.

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Historical collapse

There were pictures The image was captured by the lander imager camera shortly before landing on the moon.

The video shows how the lander approaches the southern part of the satellite, which is shown with a large number of black spots and craters caused by the impact of micrometeorites.

All activities of ISRO that day were pointed out Chandrayaan-3 Proceeding as planned and all systems operating normally.

The mission consists of a lander (Vikram) and a rover (Pragyan). After Vikram landed, the rover rolled down and walked across LunaISRO informed on Thursday morning.

The agency indicated that the lander’s payloads were in motion and the rover’s propulsion had begun. RAMBHA (Radio Anatomy of Moon Bound Hypersensitive Ionosphere and Atmosphere) will measure the density of near-surface plasma (ions and electrons) and its changes over time, while ILSA (Instrument for Lunar Seismic Activity) will measure seismicity around the lander. Outline the structure of the lunar crust and crust.

The Pragyan rover has two payloads: the Laser Induced Disintegration Spectrometer (LIPS) and the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS). LIBS will perform qualitative and quantitative elemental analyzes to determine the chemical composition and mineral composition to improve the space agency’s understanding of the lunar surface. APXS is used to determine the elemental composition (Mg, Al, Si, K, Ca, Ti, Fe) of lunar soil and rocks surrounding the landing site.

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Witnesses to a milestone

Moon landing Chandrayaan-3 SIt is designed to be the first ship in history to explore the South Pole, where ice and water are critical resources for future colonization.

India Entered the club of select countries Luna In history, Only after the Soviet Union, the United States and China.

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