Chilean journalist analyzes Peru vs Chile and launches a blunt comment against Periso: “We have no patience”

Chilean journalist analyzes Peru vs Chile and launches a blunt comment against Periso: “We have no patience”
Peru take on Chile in the third round of the qualifiers – Credits: Composition Infobae

The Team Peru facing Chile This Thursday, October 12th at 7:00pm (Peru) will be the third date in the facilities of the Monumental Arena in Santiago. South American Eligibility heading towards World Cup 2026.

Expectations are high ‘Two Colors’ In southern countries, taking into account the best football moment when their main weapon strikes: Paolo Guerrero. However, throughout history, a positive outcome has never been achieved ‘Rose’ In classification processes.

Therefore, first Infobae Peru We are curious to know what the opposition thinks about the revamped team he is leading. Juan Reynoso. Manuel de Tesanos Pinto, a journalist from TNT Sports Chile, gave his thoughts on the long-awaited. ‘Southern Classic’.

Manuel de Tesanos Pinto, TNT Sports Journalist, analyzes Peru vs Chile in Qualifiers – Credits: Facebook

What do you think of Juan Reynoso’s job at the helm of the Peruvian team after the departure of Ricardo Gareca?

Here we are with great surprise from Reynoso. Although he was a highly successful coach and had his own credentials, what Kareka achieved was on another level. He led Peru to compete with teams with the best players, he qualified for a World Cup and was very close to going to another team, which was very deserving, especially considering that Peruvian football is experiencing a major crisis at the club level, compared to other coaches like its raw Colombia or Chile. It was minor, and he was able to deal with it. However, Reynoso is doing well now that he has many experienced footballers.

– The roster nowadays is not what it used to be, there are big guys like Cristian Cueva, or Edison Flores, do you think they will suffer big casualties?

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What Reynoso is trying to do is put together a team and not necessarily rely on big names. I think some are permanent, but he prefers the joint. That’s how we were in Chile, we didn’t have Claudio Bravo, but at some point we had to substitute and give responsibility to younger players.

– Gianluca Lapadula doesn’t have a return date yet, so Paolo Guerrero should once again take the starting role against Chile. What do you save from his current position at LDU?

The knockout date is now and Paolo Guerrero is doing well. I don’t know if Reynoso plans to trust him long-term, but today he’s the best name Peru has, he’s a really good striker and I don’t think it’s bad for him to take over. Then they will have time to think about their replacement, if not Lapadula then find another player. For us, Peru and Venezuela are direct rivals, so everyone has to do well.

The Peruvian striker scored a brace against Argentina in the Copa Sudamericana. (Video: ESPN)

– The Chile team has undergone a significant generational change, will they qualify for the World Cup?

There are some very interesting names in the Chile squad that have stood out this year, but unfortunately it has cost us performance on the field and we have lost patience with Eduardo Perisso. If they don’t get this double date, I believe it’s dangerous. Results. , because in everyone’s calculations Peru is a direct competitor and Venezuela is the same, so if this date is not included you could be in serious trouble.

How do you see the possibility of connecting players from Golden Age Sound and why do you think that might happen?

Beyond Garry Medel, Charles Aranguiz, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez or Claudio Bravo, the players of the golden generation in the national team today are for performance, and if he returns, those who left will not return. Eugenio Mena was injured and many retired. What is this, young players should take the opportunity, for example Matias Catalan or Rodrigo Echeverría showed that they can wear the national team shirt, they are not so young, but I think Beriso should think. About players who perform well today and not much in the future.

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– How do you experience the pre-competition experience in Chile, positive or cautious? What is being said about Peru?

The truth is, there is not much confidence in what Chile can do on these two dates. The first games were very poor, although they improved a little against Colombia, it was very difficult to create scoring chances and Peru is respected because it is a team that has the ability to be a team, they have a very collective game, they maximize the resources at their disposal, although Chile has great names, Can’t find it working, that’s what Peru has. If Chile don’t play well, neither history, nor the Copa America, nor the fans who support them will help them.

– Do you think we can expect a tight competition or one of the two will propose?

Neither Chile nor Peru are known for coming out and proposing, so it will be a very tight and spirited contest. Neither team is going to give anything away and I imagine a tie is a great result for Peru. It is a very important date for both, as whoever wins will be closer to a place in the World Cup.

– One of Peru’s weaknesses is known to be the dead ball, do you think Chile will use this to their advantage?

Chile uses the dead ball well with top pitcher Alexis Sanchez, so it can be defined as such. There was a goal disallowed by VAR against Colombia, maybe that’s the way. As they played so poorly against Uruguay, everything might be a mystery for Chile and we don’t know which version we’re going to find. The list of local players is yet to be released, and there could be surprises in attack, which is where Chile is struggling.

Alexis Sanchez and his best goal from a free kick in Bolivia against Chile for 2022 qualifiers – Credit: Movistar Deportes

– Much has been said about the great loss of Arturo Vidal…

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Arturo Vidal is half injured and not his usual self. Of course his absence, especially against Peru, would be terrible. I still think there are good names in the midfield, it remains to be seen who can replace him at this point and what Perizo chooses. I think they should pick experienced players in this match because we have a lot at stake.

– What does Eduardo Perizo’s tenure depend on?

If the results don’t deliver and he performs poorly in the pre-Olympic competition, Beriso’s status hangs by a thread. The problem is that it will not be easy to reach an agreement to fire him because the Chilean Football Federation has serious financial problems.

– The grass at Monument Stadium in Santiago is said to be in poor condition…

The court is in perfect condition. It’s true, there was a concert there, but it was a while ago and after it rained, but they already cared about fixing it and restoring it. Everything is in good condition to clear doubts.


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